What are the essentials an online tutor must have?

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Do you know the tutors are considered second guardians for a student? They help kids to follow their goals and achieve their desire. The pandemic has changed the way of tutoring all over the world. This substantial transformation occurred in 2020 when everything went offline to online.

If you are interested in giving math, science, or economics tuition, consider online over offline. It is because nowadays, students prefer online tutors to fulfill their requirements.

We have created a guide to find step-by-step methods that an online tutor must have. Take a look!

How To Start Online Tutoring?

Okay, so before you start thinking a laptop, internet and knowledge are enough to teach online, let us clarify. You need many more things to start an online class. Let’s have a look over them.

Equipment you need

First, you must have the right tools for teaching. Online teaching provides many advantages to tutors, but it may become a nightmare without the right tools.

  • An excellent webcam to create video conferences and online classes. It won’t cost you much. Instead, you can buy it at a low price too.
  • Buy one headset to communicate and listen to students’ queries.
  • Use a laptop computer in good condition.
  • Download messaging apps like slack, hangout, skype, etc.
  • Install file storing apps.
  • Create a video library online from YouTube.

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Internet connection

To teach students in an organized manner, you need a stable internet connection. Students and tutors need to have good internet connectivity to operate good online tuition.

Before you accept any job, take confirmation from students about their internet connectivity. There are free websites that tell you about your internet connection.

So, internet connectivity plays a vital role in teaching and building a reputation for students.

Use teaching resources

Whether you are teaching primary classes or secondary level students, check the availability of resources for teaching. There are many sources available online like:

  • Site for a specific subject
  • Educational applications for Phones
  • Video courses
  • National exam content

After gathering some information, you can prepare your lecture. You can tailor your classes as per the needs of a student. As you know, now digital courses have overcome the offline source of learning.

No doubt, students are taking much interest in learning from online resources. So, you can gather numerous information by surfing Google or YouTube learning platforms.

Take test online

With teaching, it’s essential to identify the level of learning for students. You can easily share them online exercise links and put them on a task planning website. You can find numerous websites that allow creating and sending tests online.

With the test, you will know about their performance and study level. It’s easy to give tests for many subjects like:

  • English
  • Math
  • Geography
  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French, etc.

Online tests will make your students revise their syllabus from time to time as well as they will know their downside. 

Whenever you give a test, check out the weak areas of a student and clear that concept accordingly.

Revision and homework

Now here, your webcam will play an important role. Teaching isn’t enough; you need to check students’ homework regularly. Ask your students to open the webcam and show their revision or homework to you. As a tutor, you can support them in academics. 

Listen to your student’s requirements.

It doesn’t matter how good you are at your subject; you need to be a good listener. Generally, students love studying with a tutor who understands them and listens to them. Therefore, with educational support, students seek mental and emotional help too. So, be their best friend!

Online tuition benefits to a tutor


Undoubtedly, you can teach your best when there is a comfortable atmosphere. It doesn’t need tables, desks, or chairs like a classroom. Henceforth, it is possible if you want to sit upright or with folded legs.


No matter how far your student lives, location will never be an issue. You need good connectivity and your laptop to teach them. Also, you can save the traveling time that offline tuition requires.

You can utilize your saved time and spend it on teaching. Furthermore, one can also take tutorials on online academic support, which helps create good links with your students.

No boredom

It’s easy to help students with the online source of studies. You don’t need to follow boring and traditional methods of teaching. 


If you are planning to provide math, science, or economics tuition, be sure to check the above-listed points. It’s better to prepare before teaching students online. 

Furthermore, we hope this guide will help you to start online tuition. Also, tell us the suggestion you liked the most. What’s your way of teaching? Please share with us!

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