What Is A JRPG?

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JRPG, short for Japanese Role-Playing Game, represents a distinct genre within the gaming world, characterized by its unique gameplay mechanics, storytelling, and cultural origins. Let’s delve into the specifics of JRPGs, their defining features, and their significance in the gaming landscape.

What Is A JRPG?

A JRPG, or Japanese Role-Playing Game, is a video game genre known for its immersive storytelling, strategic gameplay, and distinct visual style. Originating in Japan, JRPGs encompass a diverse range of games that share certain common elements.

Defining A JRPG Game

A JRPG video game typically involves players assuming the roles of characters within a richly crafted narrative, embarking on quests, battles, and adventures while often featuring turn-based combat, exploration, and character progression.

Understanding What Is Considered A JRPG

Elements such as narrative-driven gameplay, linear or nonlinear storytelling, character development, and strategic turn-based combat are common attributes that categorize a game as a JRPG, regardless of its platform or visual style.

Distinguishing JRPGs From Rpgs

While JRPGs and RPGs (Role-Playing Games) share fundamental gameplay elements, JRPGs specifically refer to the subset of RPGs originating from Japan. RPGs, on the other hand, encompass a broader range of role-playing games from various cultural origins.

JRPGs And Reddit Discussions

Platforms like Reddit host vibrant discussions and communities dedicated to JRPGs, allowing enthusiasts to share experiences, recommendations, and insights about their favorite games within this genre.

Comparing JRPGs With Other Genres

The distinction between JRPGs and RPGs lies in cultural origins and certain gameplay mechanics. JRPGs often emphasize linear storytelling, turn-based combat, and character-driven narratives, whereas RPGs encompass a wider array of role-playing games.

Notable JRPGs: Games And Examples

Renowned JRPGs include iconic titles like “Final Fantasy,” “Persona,” “Dragon Quest,” and “Chrono Trigger,” known for their captivating narratives, memorable characters, and innovative gameplay mechanics.

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Is Dark Souls A JRPG?

While “Dark Souls” incorporates RPG elements, it falls more within the Action RPG (ARPG) subgenre due to its real-time combat mechanics and exploration-driven gameplay, differing from the traditional turn-based combat found in typical JRPGs.

Is Zelda A JRPG?

The “Legend of Zelda” series, while featuring role-playing elements, is classified more as an Action-Adventure game rather than a JRPG, emphasizing exploration, puzzles, and action-based combat rather than the traditional JRPG mechanics.

Is Genshin Impact A JRPG?

“Genshin Impact” draws inspiration from JRPGs, incorporating open-world exploration, character progression, and storytelling akin to JRPGs. While it shares similarities, some classify it as an Action RPG due to its real-time combat.

Is Pokémon A JRPG?

“Pokémon” exemplifies JRPG elements with its turn-based battles, character growth, and exploration of a fictional world. It is widely recognized as a classic JRPG franchise beloved by players worldwide.


JRPGs stand as a distinct genre within the gaming sphere, known for their immersive storytelling, strategic gameplay mechanics, and cultural origins in Japan. These games offer players engaging narratives, memorable characters, and diverse gameplay experiences, captivating audiences and leaving a lasting impact on the gaming community.


What’s The Difference Between An Rpg And A JRPG?

The J in JRPG stands for Japanese RPG. While it refers to just the origin of the RPG, they tend to nearly always have certain characteristics that other RPG’s don’t have. JRPG’s tend to be more grind-heavy. They tend to be much longer than other RPG’s and often share a much deeper story-line.

Is Zelda Considered A JRPG?

Within the gaming sphere, the discussion on whether The Legend of Zelda and its many sequels are considered JRPGs would reignite time and time again. We here at IGN Southeast Asia are here to say that these games definitely are but with a Nintendo twist.

Is Mario A JRPG?

Super Mario RPG contains token similarities to other Square-developed video games, such as the Final Fantasy series, along with a story and gameplay based on the Super Mario Bros. series of platform games. Like most traditional JRPGs, the two main sections of the game are adventuring and turn-based battle sequences.

Is Dark Souls A JRPG Or Rpg?

Dark Souls games are, to the core of their design philosophies, JRPGs. They evolved from the likes of Zelda, Castlevania, and (less obviously) games like the Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series.

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