What is a Signature Generator: Basic Definition

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What is a Signature Generator: Basic Definition

A paid or free signature generator is an opportunity to accelerate electronic document flow, where letters are sent by e-mail or documents are filed online. With its help, the signature of a particular person (including an official) can be personalized. After users make it, the signature is stored on any medium in DOC or PDF format. 

An online signature is created using a quick and easy tool. The latter, when used with email, enables users to perform certain operations with documents, including the following:

  • customize;
  • sign;
  • edit;
  • download;
  • send.

These actions can be performed from any location. For this purpose, you need a laptop, a tablet, or a cell phone. 

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Pros of Free or Paid Signature Generator 

If a user wants to create a digital signature, simple and intuitive software may be used for an excellent result. Such software must have five advantages (otherwise it is not suitable).

  1. Cost-effectiveness. Unlike using paper media, you won’t have to waste time and money arranging storage. There will be no more requirements for ink.
  2. Convenience. Savings are ensured because no cabinets are needed for storage.
  3. Security. No forgery is possible. SSL encryption protocols are used for transmission. 
  4. Speed. Signed documents are sent in seconds by e-mail. 
  5. Efficiency. There is no need to spend a lot of effort on signing documents. 

One version of the program can be found at createmysignature.com. The second type includes programs with a drawing area. It is cleared before creating a new stroke. There are sites where professional calligraphers work. The specialists design the new signature themselves but the customer has to think about security. 

Getting Assisted by Signature Generator 

Using a specialized service simplifies and facilitates the process of document signing. Users need to go through three steps.

  1. The document to be signed is downloaded. You should also pay attention to the file type (it depends on the particular service).
  2. A customized signature is created. It is uploaded, drawn, or printed. Then it is positioned in an appropriate place.
  3. And finally, the document is previewed and sent. Other users can download it if they wish. 

The whole sending procedure takes only a few seconds. It can be done from the office or from home. It is recommended to use a computer or laptop for this purpose. 


Electronic Signature: Basic Information

Since this tool has become widespread relatively recently, users will be interested in the answers to the basic questions. An electronic signature is a digital mark used to certify a document. It can be created using a special generator. In the first stage, users enter their surname and name. Then they have to choose one of the suggested options. Then the colors and font (as well as its size) are set at the user’s discretion. 

It is possible to upload a PDF file (if the signature is drawn with your finger on the screen). Its legitimacy is the same as for hand-drawn letters on paper. You can use this signature on official documents, tax returns, and applications submitted to governmental agencies. It is recognized almost all over the world, for example, on real estate leases or contracts that are signed when doing business. 

Conclusion: Whether It is Recommended to Use Signature Generator

It is much easier to draw a personal signature with a ready-to-use program. It must meet the security criteria and be easy to integrate. In the first stage, you can use a free service. A paid counterpart (with multi-functionality and advanced features) is more suitable for a well-known company. Options with reliable authentication for identity verification are required.