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What is Keyword Stuffing and How it Impact SEO?

by Paresh Bramhane
What is Keyword Stuffing and How it Impact SEO?

The term “Keyword stuffing” is the most conflicting in digital marketing. People use and emphasize the term as per the convenience, which is not good to take further. Most of the SEO services include keyword research and keyword density throughout the content to ensure there isn’t keyword stuffing.

So, what exactly is the meaning of keyword stuffing?

In a simple language, keyword stuffing is the method of overly using keywords in a page. For example, “carpet cleaning” is your keyword, and you keep using it repetitively in your whole content. This act of over putting keywords in the content can manipulate the search results on various search engines like Google, Bing, and many others.

Website’s high rankings ensure that more and more users reach your website and turn into potential customers.   

When you put the same combination of words in the form of a keyword over and over again, it will create a negative impression on readers.

Experts have segmented keyword stuffing into two categories: visible and invisible.

Let’s take a quick look,

Visible Keyword Stuffing Invisible Keyword Stuffing
·   If there is unnecessary repetition of keywords throughout the content, it indicates stuffing.

·   If you have included terms of phrases that are not relevant with the subject.

·   Inclusion of the same word multiple times in the content.  


·   If you’ve tried to hide some texts using white fonts or white background, Google can crawl that too.

·   Usage of the same terms multiple times in alt texts.

·   Repetition of certain words in the code of your website.

·   Include certain words overly in your Metadata.


How keyword stuffing impacts SEO?

If you have been associated with SEO and digital marketing for a longer period, you must have heard about keyword stuffing. The practice of overly adding keywords in content can cause harm to your online business. It generates less benefits and more problems. Look into how it happens.

– It impacts user experience because if you increase the volume of keywords compared to meaningful information, you are simply giving more power to ranking games rather than readers.

–  Search engines slam keyword stuffing. If your website has lots of keywords and breaks the density rules, you may have to pay penalties for a relevant page or for the whole website. In many cases, Google can even remove or block your website from the search engine result page too.

– Such practice can also affect your credibility that you have earned in your many years of field duration.

– If users sense that your content is without focus or less in quality or have more focus on keywords, users will simply not prefer to continue reading the content and find your website poor in every way.

– If people come across your website and find poor content, they will not trust the brand for any purchase or services.  

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