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What Is Meaning Of Acclimate? Find Out Meaning Of Acclimate.

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Meaning Of Acclimate

Find Meaning Of Acclimate

What Is Meaning Of Acclimate?

Meaning Of Acclimate In English,

The meaning of the term acclimate is, to change to suit different conditions of life, or to cause someone to change to suit conditions. The other words which can be synonymous with the acclimate are acclimatized, accommodate, adapt, doctor, condition, suit, fit, etc.

The word acclimate has been originally derived from the French word “acclimater”, which means “climate”.

Meaning Of Acclimate

Most of the people often question that, how do you acclimate?. So, here are some tips to get acclimated so you can focus on having fun such as, stay hydrated, take it easy, get oxygen, eat right, hold the beer, descend to sleep, get medicated, take your vitamins, etc.

For example, you can also explain the meaning of acclimate as, when you acclimate or are acclimated to a new situation, place, or climate, you become used to it. In simpler words, you can also define the term acclimate as the process in which an individual organism adjusts to a change in its environment such as, the change in altitude, temperature, photoperiod, humidity, or pH.

The measure to acclimate to the habitat has been well registered in thousands of species, but the researchers still have a very small amount of information about how and why organisms acclimate the way that they do.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Acclimate?

Synonyms Of Acclimate Are:

  • accustom
  • acclimatize
  • accommodate

Synonyms Of Acclimate

What Are The Antonyms Of Acclimate?


Antonyms of Acclimate Are:

  • Soften

What Are Antonyms Of Acclimate

What Are Related Words To Acclimate?

Related words of Acclimate are:

  • conform
  • habituate
  • harden
  • season
  • toughen
  • acclimatize,
  • accommodate
  • adapt
  • adjust
  • condition
  • conform

related Words For Acclimate

What Are The Adjectives Of Acclimate?

Adjective of Acclimate is:

  • acclimatable

What is The Verb Form Of Acclimate?

Verb Form Of Acclimate Is:

  • Acclimate

What Is The Noun Form Of Acclimate?

Noun Form Of Acclimate is:

  • Acclimation

Examples Of Using Word Acclimate:


1)As she did her undergraduate studies in a town area, she has to acclimate with the study culture followed in the international colleges which offer the post-graduation programs.

2)Since she was bought up in a caring and loving environment with her family, she needs to acclimate when she steps into her marriage life.

3)The intestinal problems which she was suffering from the past four weeks made her acclimate with the new medicines and therapies in order to get rid of herself from the intestinal problems.

4)The pressure in the vacuum pumps needs to be acclimated in accordance with the amount of dirt prevailing in the household.

5)Being from a north Indian family, Rita has to acclimate with the culture and the traditions followed in south India after her marriage life.

6)The more the examinations for the students are becoming tougher, the more the teachers need to b acclimated with the new teaching practices and hence to offer the best platform for the students to score high marks.

7)After staying long days with the grandparents in Kerala, she has to acclimate with the high temperature prevailing in the city of Chennai after the end of her vacation holidays.

8)The students need to acclimate with the new teachings and principles of their new social teacher who have recently got a placement in their school.

9)The trainers have to acclimate with the learning capabilities of the newly joined trainees in order to design the training sessions accordingly.

10)As long as she was staying in Gujarat, she was happy with her parents but as soon as she moved towards her ancestor’s home, she has to acclimate with the tough situations prevailing in their family.

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