What Is Meaning Of Ailment? Find Out Meaning Of Ailment.

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Ailment Meaning & Definition

What Is Meaning Of Ailment?

What Is Meaning Of Ailment?

The meaning of ailment is any disease or usually a significant one.

A prevalent stomach ailment was diagnosed by the physician

Synonyms of ailment are Disease, distress, disturbance, affliction, injury, problem, infection, disturbance, state, decrepitude, discomfort, and disturbance.

The ailment is also known as an informal bug or virus.

In one word ailment is known as informally

Example of ailment is the physician identified a common stomach ailment”

You can name an ailment if you have a skin infection or constant cough. Some other prevalent ailments are severe migraines or allergic reactions. They might be a true trauma.

The term ailment originates from the American English Reglan language “to difficulty, epidemic, befall,” and the Latin mentum suffix meant that, when attached to the end of the phrase representing an event, transforms the word into the outcome of that activity. So the consequence of something which disturbs, plagues or tends to affect you is an affliction— ache or distress this just doesn’t seem to go back.

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Examples Of Using The Word Ailment Are:

  1. We are apt suffering consolation in our association for whatever ailment arrives our way.
  2. Looking a counselor for depression is not something to be ashamed of any more than looking physician for a physical ailment.
  3. Regular physical malady we diagnose the ailment and evolve a course of therapy.
  4. This strap assists alleviate the pain and discomfort of Achilles tendonitis, an ailment common among basketball players.
  5. Some of his friends had been not present from the sixth-form college he attended for over a week with this ailment.
  6. On June 14th he had yet another ailment, possibly from being run down and famished, and missed his class at college due to a sore throat.
  7. It is hard for non-medically trained people to know if their ailment is bacterial or viral.
  8. Trauma, chronic exposure to moisture, and exostoses make otitis external are usual ailment among surfers.
  9. The sufferer did not, however, have any ailment which might have led this unpleasant infusion of blood with pee-pee.
  10. The child was not agonizing from any physical ailment which could be cured through surgery.
  11. Orrell was without first-choice fullbacks who were sent home before kick-off after agonizing a stomach ailment in the dressing room.


What Is An Example Of An Ailment?

An ailment is an illness, especially one that is not very serious. … common ailments like a cold or a sore throat.

What Does Aliment Mean?

aliment • \AL-uh-munt\ • noun. : food, nutriment; also : sustenance.

What Is A Common Ailment?

Minor, or common, ailments refers to conditions that can initially be managed with non-prescription therapy, such as allergies or skin irritations.

What Is Aliment In Medical Terms?

[aliment] The process of nourishing the body, including mastication, swallowing, digestion, absorption, and assimilation. SEE: hyperalimentation; SEE: total parenteral nutrition. (al″ĭ-mĕn-tā′shŏn)

What Is A Word Similar To Ailment?


synonyms for ailments

On this page you’ll find 14 synonyms, antonyms, and words related to ailments, such as: malady, illness, syndrome, disease, ache, and disorder.

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