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What Is Meaning Of Aqueous? Find Out Meaning Of Aqueous.

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Meaning Of Aqueous

Find Meaning Of Aqueous?

What Is Meaning Of Aqueous?

The Meaning Of Aqueous In English,

The meaning of Aqueous refers to or containing water or like water; watery. The meaning of the word aqueous comes from the Latin word aqua meaning “water.” So, the meaning of Aqueous is termed as a term used to describe a system that involves water. It is also applied to describe a solution or mixture that is water is the solvent.

Meaning Of Aqueous

In chemistry, the word aqueous is represented as (aq). The meaning of Aqueous as a solution is a solution in which the solvent is water. The solutions can be categorized into aqueous and non-aqueous.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Aqueous?

Synonyms Of Aqueous Are:

  • Hydrated
  • Awash
  •  Bathed
  •  Bedraggled
  •  doused (also dowsed)
  •  drenched, dripping
  •  logged
  •  saturate
  •  saturated
  •  soaked
  •  soaking

Synonyms Of Aqueous

What Are The Antonyms Of Aqueous?

Antonyms Of Aqueous Are:

  • dehydrated
  • dry

Antonyms Of Aqueous

What Are The Related Words Of Aqueous?

Related Words Of Aqueous Are:

  •  sodden
  •  soggy
  •  sopping
  •  washed
  •  watered
  •  waterlogged
  •  water-soaked
  •  watery, wet.

Related Words Of Aqueous

What Is The Noun Form Of Aqueous?

Noun Form Of Aqueous Is:

  • aqueous

What Is The Verb Form Of Aqueous?

Verb Form Of Aqueous Is:

  • Not Available The Verb Form Of Aqueous.

What Is The Adjective Of Aqueous?

Adjective Of Aqueous Is:

  • aqueous


Examples Of Using The Word Aqueous Are:

  1. It is contemplated to be a more effective bactericide than aqueous chlorine and it minimizes the formation of chlorinated organics.
  2. Vapour phase coatings differ from platings in that it is well nigh unbearable to plate aluminum or aluminum alloys from an aqueous bath.
  3. This is carried out utilizing an aqueous solution of hydrogen iodide reacting in the presence of red phosphorus.
  4. This method depends on the ability of gas bubbles, which are rising through an aqueous solution, to trap some minerals.
  5. Such a location is adaptable with the ready aqueous and lipid environments.
  6. The electrodes are submerged in aqueous sulphuric acid, which acts as the electrolyte.
  7. Membranes were produced on the orifice by orderly raising the level of the aqueous electrolyte solutions.
  8. After two dogged weeks, I’ve ultimately given up, switching to much lighter aqueous cream instead.
  9. Its differently aqueous appearance makes it a particularly natural way to accent a conceit.
  10. This makes it easier for the aqueous hilarity to flow out of the eye and decrease pressure, preventing further damage.
  11. Lasers can be utilized to burn the circular ciliary body that creates the aqueous humor.
  12. The iris is an internal organ of the eye that is located beyond the cornea and the aqueous humor.

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