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Love Birds Meaning & Definition

Find Meaning Of Love Birds?

What Is The Meaning Of Love Birds?

Meaning Of Love Birds In English,

Lovebirds are not actually ‘love’ birds. They fight a lot. A lot. They kill each other, their offsprings, their spouses, their potential competitors. Lovebirds are always interacting with each other. If one goes eating, the others will follow. They like being together.

If you retain half-a-dozen lovebirds during a cage for every week, don’t be surprised to find one or two birds lying dead by the morning.

Pardon me, if I sound rude. I do hate to believe this truth.

In cages, lovebirds need to be given little clay pots with lateral openings, so that they could lay their eggs there.

Lovebirds follow certain family norms. Mother and father birds look after the eggs and then the kids. They seem to follow monogamy initially.

But when some days, things take a reverse flip. Mother and father birds break

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What Are The Synonyms Of Love Birds?

Synonyms Of Love Birds Are:

  • turtle doves

What Are The Antonyms Of Love Birds?

Antonyms Of Love Birds Are:

Not Available Antonyms Of Love Birds. 

What Are The Related Words Of Love Birds?

Related Words Of Love Birds Are:

  • happy couple
  • two birds

What Is The Noun Form Of Love Birds?

Noun Form Of Love Birds Is:

  • Love Birds

What Is The Verb Form Of Love Birds?

Verb Form Of Love Birds Is:

Not Available verb form of love birds

What Is The Adjective Of Love Birds?

Adjective Of Love Birds Is:

  • twice

Examples Of Using The Word Love Birds Are:

  1. When the birdhouse was shattered, the parrots, cockatiels, and lovebirds took flight.
  2. A couple of lovebirds could hardly keep the smiles from their faces as they ran through the standard list of post-race queries.
  3. Thanks for the proffer, but I wouldn’t want to come among you two lovebirds.
  4. What do you two cute lovebirds have to say for yourselves?
  5. The bird’s segment had a few confined cockatiels and African lovebirds.
  6. I hate to bludgeon in on you two lovebirds, but we are waged on a case.
  7. For lovebirds who want to increase their affection or couples who want to make a romantic memory, the new restaurant is the ideal spot for a true dining contact.
  8. He noticed that the tail moves during vocalization in crows, warbling vireos, and lovebirds.
  9. John and Jennifer are a couple of lovebirds on their pathway to a weekend retreat at a cabin.
  10. It’s been many years since these two loveable lovebirds played in the waves and sand.
  11. Conjugal visits are permitted in Peruvian prisons if couples listing as common-law partners, as the two lovebirds are.
  12. So, instead of simply getting down on one knee, he rented a double-decker bus to take the lovebirds on a journey around all the places in the area that meant so much to them.


Can You Call A Couple Love Birds?

You can refer to two people as lovebirds when they are obviously very much in love. Jack and his missis are as happy as two lovebirds now.

Why Are Couples Called Lovebirds?

Pairs typically mate for life and are usually very affectionate. Lovebirds will often sit together and caress or preen their mate. These overt demonstrations of affection are why we use the same term to refer to similar behavior in humans.

Can You Keep Just One Lovebird?

Lovebirds Are Not Always Best Kept in Pairs

While it is true that they are extremely social birds who thrive on interaction and must be socially stimulated, in many cases, bird owners should keep single lovebirds.

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