What Is Meaning Of Ordinance? Find Out Meaning of Ordinance

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Ordinance Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Ordinance?

What Is Meaning Of Ordinance?

Meaning Of Ordinance In English,

The meaning of Ordinance is that it is a law or set of rules framed by the Government.

An ordinance in easy words may be a law glided by legislatures.

It is introduced in the parliament, discussed and after passed by both houses go for President’s, and after permission is given, it becomes law for all to follow. An ordinance is a privilege of the executive organ of the state to make temporary law due to some emergency.

In India, if Cabinet wants to make law while Legislature i.e., Parliament is not in session, it asks the President to promulgate an ordinance. This Ordinance acts as law until it is put before the legislature in its immediate following Session.

If it’s passed there, then it becomes a permanent law otherwise it lapses.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Ordinance?

Synonyms Of Ordinance Are:

  • order
  • decree
  • law
  • regulation
  • rule
  • command

What Are The Antonyms Of Ordinance?

Antonyms Of Ordinance Are:

  • disaster
  • allow

What Are The Related Words Of Ordinance?

Related Words Of Ordinance Are:

  • directive
  • edict
  • statute
  • enactment
  • code

What Is The Noun Form Of Ordinance?

Noun Form Of Ordinance Is:

  • ordonnance
  • order

What Is The Verb Form Of Ordinance?

Verb Form Of Ordinance Is:

  • command
  • order

What Is The Adjective Of Ordinance?

Adjective Of Ordinance Is:

  • directive
  • legal
  • Ordinance

Examples Of Using The Word Ordinance Are:

  1. On the day when it initiates to discipline itself with a self-contradict ordinance, we shall know it has started to grow up.
  2. The presidential ordinance blocking the press came two days before parliament was to gather.
  3. For street trees, the bottom permission is usually specified by municipal ordinance.
  4. This group of churches represents closer empathies, in its internal ordinance, with St.Ursula than with any other northern school.
  5. They were possessioning the ordinance that had been set before them in teaching.
  6. The city proceeded an ordinance that controlled open-air roasting and stipulated the use of stepped-up technology to subside the pollution.
  7. Obey these commands as a lasting ordinance for you and your successors.
  8. I asked the supervising officer for the accurate ordinance but he couldn’t remember it.
  9. The ordinance also gives rules for the booking of foreign students, and for control and co-ordination of tour operator contracts.
  10. The ordinance will control the services of water supply companies throughout the country.
  11. If we drop some of the ordinances from our bomb bays, we can compress you people into our planes cargo bays.
  12. It also abandoned a 1992 ordinance demanding the state’s credit and loan agreements.


What Is Another Name For An Ordinance?

Some common synonyms of ordinance are canon, law, precept, regulation, rule, and statute.

What Does The Term Ordinance Meaning?

An ordinance is a law or decree by a municipality. Put differently, an ordinance is a local law. Usually ordinances forbid or restrict some type of activity.

What Does Ordinance Mean In Law?

An ordinance is the name typically used for a law passed by a local political subdivision, such as a city, county, village, or town. Ordinances may address a wide variety of local issues, from local government structure to speed limits and sign sizes.

What Is The Meaning Of Ordinance In The Bible?

The word ordinance has two meanings in the scriptures. Sometimes it refers to the laws and commandments of God. Other times it refers to the rites and ceremonies by which we formalize sacred covenants with God.

What Are Spiritual Ordinances?

Ordinances are sacred, formal acts performed under priesthood authority. Ordinances symbolize gospel truths and teach us about Heavenly Father’s plan of salvation and the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Ordinances also teach us about who we are and remind us of our duty to God.

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