What Is Meaning Of Persistence? Meaning Of Persistence.

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Persistence Meaning & Definition

What Is Meaning Of Persistence?

What Is Meaning Of Persistence?

The meaning of the term persistence is that it is the fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition. The continued or prolonged existence of something can also be termed as persistence.

The other words which can be synonymous with the term persistence are perseverance, determination, application, staying power, stamina, steadfastness, commitment, tenacity, etc.

In simpler words, you can also define the term persistence as something that is lasting for a long time or it is difficult to get rid of it. For example, someone who is persistence persues doing something or tries to do something in a determined but often unmannered way.

The term persistence is originally derived from Middle French. Persistence can also be explained in terms of computer science as the characteristic of data that outlives the execution of the program that created it.

The term persistence has many of its abbreviated forms such as image persistence, persistence data structure, persistence world, the persistence of vision, persistence forecasting, etc.

You can also understand more clearly about the term persistence by making the use of the term in the sentences. For example, he admired her dogged persistence in pursuing the job, his persistence in asking for a raise was finally rewarded, etc.

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Examples Of Using The Word Persistence Are:

  1. Notwithstanding the persistence of unbelievable activity, such as boat-jacking and the puzzling parachute departure, this is a video-game after all.
  2. The surplus of illness at follow up is described by both higher incidence and greater persistence of symptoms.
  3. Though the labyrinth has been toured for decades, the persistence of archaic survey techniques has led to only basic maps.
  4. Could the genetic sakes of crossing over-describe the persistence of active hotspots?
  5. With persistence, Bellows and his supporters finally won approval with the surgeon general, and the commission was scheduled.
  6. This leads to irritability, changeability, and loss of persistence when chasing a given objective.
  7. The persistence in the popular imagination of the idea of Carmen as the ultimate spirit of Spanishness is troubling.
  8. Nowadays he favors a bulky Roy of the Rovers, but what he looses in pace he more than makes up for in persistence and attempt.
  9. Their persistence was recompensed with the award of a kickable punishment ten minutes into the game.
  10. Secondarily, the persistence of the hematocele persuades an inflammatory response, that could describe the inflammatory ailment as in our case.
  11. Dermot, by huge skill and persistence, has made this the leading Caribbean hotel.


What Does Persistent Mean In Simple Terms?

continuing to do something or to try to do something even though it is difficult or other people want you to stop. We were nagged by a persistent salesman. He is one of the government’s most persistent critics. She has been persistent in pursuing the job.

What Is A Persistent Person Like?

Persistence refers to how long you are able and willing to stick to a task, even when it is challenging. Some individuals are willing to keep working at something, even when they run into roadblocks along the way. Other people may be more willing to drop a task that is difficult and move on to something else.


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