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What Is The Meaning Of Abbot? Find Out Meaning Of Abbot.

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Meaning Of Abbot

Find The Meaning Of Abbot?

What Is The Meaning Of Abbot?

The Meaning Of Abbot In English,

Abbot can be defined as a man who is in charge of a monastery, where the monastery is a building occupied by a community of monks living under religious vows. The abbot is elected by the monastery. Just as the business has bosses, teams have coaches, the monastery has an abbot. In simpler words, we can say that abbot is the head of the monastery.

Meaning Of Abbot

The word abbot has been derived from the greek abbas, which means” father” as a title with honor. We can also say that the abbot is the father of the father in his monastery.

The main motive of the abbot is to inspire and lead all the monks and it is the duty of all the monks to obey the order of the abbot. The abbot is the most superior person among all the monks.

The person who is elected to be superior among all the monks is always a male. There are abbots in various traditions, including Christianity. The male heads are known as abbot, while the female ones are known as abbess. The monastery is also known as an abbey. Abbots are also known as a monk, friar, rector, abbot-general, archabbot, etc.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abbot?

Synonyms Of Abbot Are:

  • monk
  • friar
  • priest
  • father
  • prior
  • monastic
  • minister

Synonyms Of Abbot

What Are The Antonyms Of Abbot?

Antonyms Of Abbot Are:

Not Available The Antonyms Of Abbot

What Are The Related Words Of Abbot?

Related Words Of Abbot Are:

  • religious
  • archimandrite
  • cenobite
  • hermit
  • religious

Related Words Of Abbot

What Is The Noun Form Of Abbot?

Noun Form Of Abbot Is:

  • Abbot

What Is The Verb Form Of Abbot?

Verb Form Of Abbot Is:

  • Abbot

What Is The Adjective Of Abbot?

Adjective Of Abbot Is:

  • Abbatial


Examples Of Using The Word Abbot Are:

  1. A claustral oblate student may be received into the probation by the abbot with the consent of the chapter.
  2. They took vows of chastity and poverty, and if part of a claustral community, obedience to the abbot.
  3. The informally dressed abbot provided only a simple expression of respect before dismembering the statue.
  4. Saints were undetermined for a period but then Jeff abbot secured on to a through ball to get his hat trick and give the Saints a 3 goal cushion.
  5. In the middle of the 19th-century abbot of the priory was a monk named Genadii.
  6. The rules need a withdrawal from secular attachments, complete obedience to an elected abbot, and poverty.
  7. The abbot and other monks favored tap water, but it was not yet available.
  8. When a resolution has to be made, the abbot queries each monk’s opinion, starting with the youngest.
  9. The abbot manages discussions and a questioning session with lower-ranking monks.
  10. On his deathbed, Cedd petitioned that Chad succeed him as abbot of Lastingham.
  11. The supposed treachery of the abbot and monks of Ely after William seized monastic lands is criticism for the ultimate relinquish.


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