What Is The Meaning Of Abject? Find Out Meaning Of Abject.

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Abject Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Abject?

What Is The Meaning Of Abject?

The Meaning Of Abject In English,

The meaning of abject is the state of being extremely unhappy, poor, unsuccessful, etc. We can also define the term abject as the person completely without pride or dignity or can also be said as self-abasing. The term abasing can also be replaced by other words such as obsequious, groveling, creeping, fawning, humiliating, miserable, etc.

The term abject is derived from abjectus, the past participle of the Latin verb abicere, which means “to cast off”. The term abject is generally used to emphasize that a situation or quality is extremely bad.

The term abject can be explained more deeply by using the term in a sentence. For example, he died in abject poverty in 1961 at the age of 57 years or the poor surroundings caused abject misery, etc. In simpler words, we can also define the word abject as to show no pride or respect for yourself.

If it reeks of humiliation or looks like the lowest of low insults, then you can safely describe it as abject. An extremely contemptible or degrading state can also be considered or regarded as abject. The “abject art “ is also an art form that is associated with material and object art, and refers to works, which contain abject subjects, materials, and substances.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abject?

Synonyms Of Abject Are:

  • low
  • wretched
  • mean
  • base
  • miserable
  • despicable
  • servile

What Are The Antonyms Of DMCA?

Antonyms Of Abject Are:

  • happy
  • proud
  • noble
  • royal
  • worthy

What Are The Related Words Of Abject?

Related Words Of Abject Are:

  • poor
  • sordid
  • submissive
  • ignoble
  • worthless
  • cheap

What Is The Noun Form Of Abject?

Noun Form Of Abject Is:

  • Abjectness

What Is The Verb Form Of Abject?

Verb Form Of Abject Is:

  • Abjectly

What Is The Adjective Of Abject?

Adjective Of Abject Is:

  • Abject 

Examples Of Using The Word Abject Are:

  1. The abject distress, the clearest notice of absolute evil, is almost impossible to explain.
  2. My behavior, when I am conducting perfectly legal activity such as registering an insurance claim, is one of abject apology.
  3. For whatever reason, my own abject lack of cookery experience was obtained to assist with the production of a monster spaghetti Bolognese.
  4. One of the great tzaddikim lived in abject poverty, yet always had a happy temperament.
  5. The piece was an abject failure if it was deliberated to be a serious comparison of the feature film and novel.
  6. Bolivia is a country rich in resources, yet its majority Indian population is sunk in unemployment and abject poverty.
  7. He punctually returns it to Paul Overton, whose abject cross from the right ends up in Row Z of the stand on the other side of the pitch.
  8. He was pained by the abject poverty and the trouble women had to encounter to fetch water for the families.
  9. The emotional couplet thus created combines furious glee and abject melancholy, helpless vulnerability and unfocused temper.
  10. Some 130 million people have been removed from abject poverty but their living condition remains unhappy.


How Do You Use The Word Abject?

You use abject to emphasize that a situation or quality is extremely bad. Both of them died in abject poverty.

What Does Abject Most Nearly Mean?

Abject means absolutely miserable, the most unfortunate, with utter humiliation. You might have heard the phrase abject poverty, which is the absolute worst, most hopeless level of poverty you’ve ever seen.

Which Word Is Similar To Abject?

Some common synonyms of abject are ignoble, mean, and sordid. While all these words mean “being below the normal standards of human decency and dignity,” abject may imply degradation, debasement, or servility.

Is Abject A Feeling?

Abjection is a kind of depressed feeling, a bleak and heavyhearted state of mind. A series of terrible jobs might send you into a state of abjection. Disappointments and bad luck can lead to a feeling of abjection, like the abjection of a gloomy poet or the abjection you can sense in the losers of a spelling bee.

What Is An Example Of Use Of Abject?

Both of them died in abject poverty. This scheme was an abject failure. He sounded abject and eager to please. He looked back at the abject, silent girl and repeated his question.

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