What Is The Meaning Of Ablution? Find Out Meaning Of Ablution.

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Ablution Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Ablution? 

What Is The Meaning Of Ablution?

The Meaning Of Ablution In English,

The meaning of the word ablution is to take a bath or the act of washing oneself. The term ablution can also be replaced by other words such as washing, cleansing, purification, etc. The word ablution is derived from the Middle French and Middle English from the Latin verb abluere, which means “to wash away”.

The word is formed from the prefix ab-(“away, off”) and lavere (“to wash”). The word ablution may also refer to ablution as hygiene, ablution as ritual purification, or ablution, a certain form of absolution, etc.in other words, we can also define the term ablution as a ceremonial act of washing parts of the body or scared containers.

The ablution is a very hygienic thing and we should daily take an ablution. As daily cleaning, our body keeps our personality as well as mind refreshed. Ablution is also considered as the ritual purification in Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc. As whenever we go to any ritual place we first clean ourselves then we enter into that religious place as it not only keeps our body clean but our mind and personality also feel energetic. In terms of history, a building on a military base that houses bathing and toilet facilities is also known as ablution.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Ablution?

Synonyms Of Ablution Are:

  • purification
  • washing
  • bath
  • lavation
  • cleaning

What Are The Antonyms Of Ablution?

Antonyms Of Ablution Are:

  • blight
  • soiling

What Are The Related Words Of Ablution?

Related Words Of Ablution Are:

  • purgation
  • washup
  • catharsis
  • bathing
  • shower

What Is The Noun Form Of Ablution?

Noun Form Of Ablution Is:

  • ablution

What Is The Verb Form Of Ablution?

Verb Form Of Ablution Is:

  • ablute
  • abluted

What Is The Adjective Of Ablution?

Adjective Of Ablution Is:

  • ablutionary

Examples Of Using The Word Ablution Are:

  1. An improvement would involve bringing to working order the ablution which is in the worst state as most of the toilet pans and cisterns are broken.
  2. Interestingly sufficient, the Prophet also motivated doing ablution before going to bed.
  3. We are commanded to make ablution before prayer, and also to make sure that our places of prayer are free of contagion and dirt.
  4. Salat is introduced by ritual ablution and generally performed five times a day.
  5. Muslims before prayer is needed to cleanse themselves in an ablution procedure called wudu.
  6. The school was formed in 1988 and consists of 130 rooms, involving a science laboratory, prayer hall, and facilities for wudhu, or Islamic ablution.
  7. Therefore, this research was examining the quality of treated water by the WASRA System for ablution usage in the University Malaysia Pahang Mosque.
  8. The great thing about this region is that there are ablution regions right beyond so one does not have to go to bathrooms for wudhu.
  9. During the lunch break, I went to the bathroom to perform ablution for the Zuhar prayers but in the Western-style bathroom, it was not a very feasible notion.
  10. Koraichi’s installation iconizes al-Rumi’s tour over continents through Turkish ceramic ablution basins, Moroccan gold-embroidered silk, and metal.


What Is The Synonym Of The Word Ablution ‘?

bath. nounwashing with water and, usually, soap. ablution. cleansing. dip.

What Is An Example Of Ablution?

Washing of the hands after rising in the morning and before meals that include bread are also examples of ablution in Judaism. The Roman Catholic priest (and priests of some Orthodox churches) celebrating the eucharistic liturgy prepares himself by ritual washing of his hands in the lavabo.

Is Ablution A Toilet?

An ablution toilet is generally the container or box type toilet that you will see at low cost housing sites, public housing areas and even at some events and so on. This particular type of toilet is designed to be portable, be reliable and function efficiently with very little maintenance requirements.

What Does The Bible Say About Ablution?

Ablution in the Bible
The Bible includes various regulations about bathing: And whoever he that hath issue (a zav, ejaculant with an unusual discharge) touches without having rinsed his hands in water, he shall wash his clothes, and bathe himself in water, and be unclean until the evening. (Leviticus 15:11)

What Is The Closest Meaning Of Ablution?

a cleansing with water or other liquid, especially as a religious ritual.


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