What Is The Meaning Of Abroad? Find Out Meaning Of Abroad.

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Abroad Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Abroad?

What Is The Meaning Of Abroad?

The Meaning Of Abroad In English,

The meaning of the term abroad is in or to a foreign country or countries. Generally, the term abroad is also known as Foreign Country. In different directions or over a wide area can also be termed as abroad.

The other words which can be replaced by the term abroad are away, elsewhere, overseas, in foreign lands, out of the country, traveling, touring, etc. Beyond the bounds of the country can also be defined as abroad.

When we are not at home or far from our home town the place where we are located currently is known as abroad. People usually visit abroad for various purposes. For example, study purpose, traveling, job, new culture, language skills, career opportunities, personal development, find new interests, etc.

the degree we get from studying abroad has a high value when you return to your home town after completion of your graduation, as you get the job easily as you hold a foreign graduation complete certificate, get paid on a high scale, etc.

You have a lot of opportunities in abroad countries, you get your personality development, get to learn different things once you step out, you learn to face the world alone, etc.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abroad?

Synonyms Of Abroad Are:

  • overseas
  • elsewhere
  • outside
  • foreign country
  • away

What Are The Antonyms Of Abroad?

Antonyms Of Abroad Are:

  • at home
  • home
  • domestic

What Are The Related Words Of Abroad?

Related Words Of Abroad Are:

  • external
  • foreign
  • in other countries
  • external

What Is The Noun Form Of Abroad?

Noun Form Of Abroad Is:

  • abroad

What Is The Verb Form Of Abroad?

Verb Form Of Abroad Is:

  • abroad

What Is The Adjective Of Abroad?

Adjective Of Abroad Is:

  • abroad

Examples Of Using The Word Abroad Are:

  1. Its notable sources of earnings are the tourist industry, settlement sent home by Dominicans abroad, and the sugar industry.
  2. So, all in all, it perplexes me that more British anglers don’t hunt out asp categorically when they’re trekking abroad.
  3. Let her go abroad and tell the world how ancient is the structure of our society.
  4. It’s unendurable to read of the terrors abroad in her scruffy streetscapes without total emotional participation.
  5. While investing abroad once was anxious with red-tape, most host governments today give foreign investors the red-carpet therapy.
  6. He also advised Kashmiris living abroad to invest in Kashmir, as the government had launched many motives for investors.
  7. The earnings sent back by family members working abroad has kept the economy drifting during the current, difficult war years.
  8. Many funders and guardsmen recently serving abroad are facing the same issue.
  9. He has been a devoted member, who hardly missed a practice and took part in tours abroad and Saddleworth’s famous Whit Friday band contest.
  10. Doctors abroad are giving up their heritage white coats and ties as they could bear infections.
  11. But when these rants are provided abroad as legitimate censure of this country, it is an ethnic crime.


Does Abroad Mean Overseas?

Abroad really just means in a different country, but it is almost always used interchangeably with “overseas.” You almost never hear an American say, “She lives abroad; she’s studying in Canada.” You might be eager to take a trip abroad.

Why Is It Called Abroad?

First attested in mid 13th century. From Middle English abrood (“broadly widely scattered”), from a- (“on, in”) + brood (“broad”).

What Does Abroad Mean In The Bible?

a-brod: An idiomatic rendering of aphiketo (literally, “arrived”), “come abroad” is used in Romans 16:19 to indicate a report that has been most widely diffused (literally, “did reach unto all”).

What Is The Meaning Of Living Abroad?

Living abroad means living outside one’s home country for a fixed or indefinite period of time and for a purpose other than tourism.

What Is The Synonyms Of Abroad?

synonyms for abroad

  • away.
  • elsewhere.
  • overseas.
  • in foreign lands.
  • in foreign parts.
  • out of the country.
  • touring.
  • traveling.

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