What Is The Meaning Of Absorption? Find Out Meaning Of Absorption.

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Absorption Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Absorption?

The meaning of absorption is that it is the process by which one thing absorbs or is absorbed by another. In simpler words, we can also say that the state of being engrossed in something is called absorption. We can also say that absorption is the process of taking something into another substance. For example, “sponge absorbs the water”. The perfect example for explaining about absorption is the process of osmosis. When we put some of the raisins in the water, the raisins absorb the water and get fluffed, which means that the raisins have absorbed the water and the whole process is called the absorption process or osmosis process.

Even the process of absorption takes place in our human body, as we eat the food it also gets absorbed by our body. Absorption plays a very essential role in the well being and proper working of our body. Absorption can also be replaced by other similar words such as immersion, involvement, socking up, sucking up, etc. Absorption can be understood in detail in the study of chemistry, as it contains many chemical reactions that help to understand the absorption properly.

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Examples Of Using The Word Absorption Are:

  1. It’s afar my ken, but for those in the know, there’s an escorting set of statistics, ranging from water absorption rates to ice protection.
  2. Today, we challenge the more ultra-fine warning of absorption into the larger community.
  3. They solubilize dietary lipids easing their separation by lipases and their absorption into the bloodstream.
  4. And be sure to paint the inside of the planter to reduce water absorption into the wood.
  5. The intensity of and absorption in the play find no clarification in biological investigation.
  6. Psychologists talk about flow, a term that explains a state of total absorption in a task, and in which people are usually at their happiest.
  7. Even laziness, inattention and simple absorption in the tedious can moderately erode the capacities in which this property occupies.
  8. His absorption with the world of advertising and the difficulties associated with it find governing echoes in his works.
  9. Wilder captures the childlike devotion of the father and absorption in the way the world works.
  10. To be sure, his later absorption in philosophy made him ignore his private affairs and he finally fell to a level of comparative poverty.
  11. The spider plants I placed all around the house after reading about the NASA research on toxin absorption do not appear to have pacified her.


What Is Absorption In Simple Words?

Absorption is when something takes in another substance. It is a physical or chemical phenomenon or process. Atoms, molecules, or ions enter in the inner part (called “bulk”) of a gas, liquid, or solid material. This is different from adsorption.

What Is The Difference Between Absorption And Absorbtion?

When one substance enters the volume or bulk of another substance, this process is Absorption. Solid soaks the liquid or gas rather than any forces applied on molecules. The substance which gets absorbed is called absorbate and the substance which absorbs is called the absorbent.


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