What Is The Meaning Of Abuse? Find Out Meaning Of Abuse.

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Abuse Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Abuse?

What Is The Meaning Of Abuse?

The Meaning Of Abuse In English,

The meaning of abuse is that it is a kind of treat with cruelty or violence, especially regularly or repeatedly. In simpler words the term abuse can also be defined as, to use something for the wrong purpose in a way that is harmful or morally wrong.

The term abuse can also be replaced by other words such as misuse, mistreat, ill-treat, ill-use, maltreatment, etc.

The meaning of the term abuse can be understood more clearly by using the term in the sentence. For example, he abused our trust, he abuses his authority, tom has a history of drug abuse, etc. We can also explain the definition of the term abuse as, if you abuse someone, it means you are hurting that person, mentally, emotionally, or physically.

To abuse, someone is not really a good thing. We should not abuse anyone, because if we abuse someone we should also be ready to get abused or we should think about that persons feeling, that from what feeling would he be going so that we will understand that abusing someone is not a good thing and should stop doing such things. For example, if someone else is harming you, you are yourself suffering from abuse.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Abuse?

Synonyms Of Abuse Are:

  • misuse
  • mistreat
  • harm
  • insult
  • abusive

What Are The Antonyms Of Abuse?

Antonyms Of Abuse Are:

  • praise
  • respect
  • honor
  • acclaim
  • protect

What Are The Related Words Of Abuse?

Related Words Of Abuse Are:

  • ill-treatment
  • ill-treat
  • mistreatment
  • attack
  • damage

What Is The Noun Form Of Abuse?

Noun Form Of Abuse Is:

  • abuses
  • abuser

What Is The Verb Form Of Abuse?

Verb Form Of Abuse Is:

  • abused
  • abusing

What Is The Adjective Of Abuse?

Adjective Of Abuse Is:

  • abusable 

Examples Of Using The Word Abuse Are:

  1. Also found were 57 contusion and abrasions which bore the hallmarks of intentional physical abuse over a period of a month or so, the court heard.
  2. In such a consistently severe group, abuse of alcohol guides to shame and the non-success of traditional lifestyle.
  3. They learn to connect sexuality with guilt because of messages about the sexual behavior from the victimizer or others who learned about the abuse.
  4. Bulimics tend to be impetuous and more suitable to abuse alcohol and drugs than average.
  5. They are more likely than malnourished to abuse drugs and alcohol or have issues with the law.
  6. If you have family members who abuse drugs or alcohol, you’re at higher risk of the same issue.
  7. Future research will require to involve greater numbers of individuals who abuse drugs other than alcohol.
  8. She was held overnight for interrogation, refused food and drink, and subjected to physical abuse.
  9. Most teenagers abuse drugs and alcohol because they are detached or for kicks and don’t discern it until they are attached.
  10. What induces criminals from all walks of life to sexually abuse young children, even infants, often with horrific violence?
  11. She was being treated for post disturbing stress disease by the doctor after suffering from sexual abuse.


What Is The Definition Of Abuse?

Abuse is when someone causes us harm or distress. It can take many forms, ranging from disrespect to causing someone physical or mental pain. It can occur in someone’s home, a care home, hospital or a public place. Often the people who commit abuse are taking advantage of a special relationship.

What Is Abuse Word Meaning?

to use wrongly or improperly; misuse: to abuse one’s authority. to treat in a harmful, injurious, or offensive way: to abuse a horse; to abuse one’s eyesight. to speak insultingly, harshly, and unjustly to or about; revile; malign. to commit sexual assault upon. Obsolete. to deceive or mislead.

What Is An Example Of Abuse?

Some examples include slapping, pinching, choking, kicking, shoving, or inappropriately using drugs or physical restraints. Signs of physical abuse. Sexual abuse is nonconsensual sexual contact (any unwanted sexual contact).

What Are The 3 Abuses?

Most States recognize four major types of maltreatment: physical abuse, neglect, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse.

What Are The 5 Signs Of Emotional Abuse?

Let’s get into a few signs of emotional abuse so that you know exactly what they are and how to recognize them.

  • Love Bombing. …
  • Gaslighting. …
  • Constant Criticism. …
  • Insults, Swearing and Physical Aggression. …
  • Possessive and Controlling.

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