What Is The Meaning Of Acclaim? Find Out Meaning Of Acclaim.

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Acclaim Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Acclaim?

What Is The Meaning Of Acclaim?

The Meaning Of Acclaim In English,

The meaning of the term acclaim is to praise enthusiastically and publicly. The other terms which can be replaced by the term acclaim are praise, applaud, cheer, commend, congratulate, honor, clap, glorify, etc. In simpler words, we can also define the term acclaim as “to acclaim, someone means to praise someone publicly ”.

You can understand the term acclaim more clearly by making the use of the term in the sentence. For example, her presentation in the project earned her critical acclaim or she merits acclaim for all her charitable works, etc.

To get acclaimed by someone feels very good, and gives a pleasured feeling to everybody. Acclaim is public praise for someone or something. If you get acclaim from your teacher in front of the whole classroom, it is termed as acclaim.

But, if the same praise you get from your teacher personally, it is not termed as acclaim. Any kind of praise that you receive publicly is called as acclaim. The term acclaim is derived from the Latin word “acclamare”.

To get greeted with loud applause or approval publicly can also be called as acclaim. Acclaim can be termed as anything either praise or approval which you receive publicly.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Acclaim?

Synonyms Of Acclaim Are:

  • acclamation
  • applause
  • commendation
  • kudos
  • praise
  • rave
  • recognition

What Are The Antonyms Of Acclaim?

Antonyms Of Acclaim Are:

  • blame
  • censure
  • criticism
  • disapproval
  • condemnation
  • debasement

What Are The Related Words Of Acclaim?

Related Words Of Acclaim Are:

  • acknowledgment
  • approbation
  • celebration
  • cheering
  • clapping
  • eulogizing

What Is The Noun Form Of Acclaim?

Noun Form Of Acclaim Is:

  • acclaimer

What Is The Verb Form Of Acclaim?

Verb Form Of Acclaim Is:

  • acclaimed
  • acclaiming
  • acclaims

What Is The Adjective Of Acclaim?

Adjective Of Acclaim Is:

  • unacclaimed 

Examples Of Using The Word Acclaim Are:

  1. Since then he has won much acclaim and has had many public commissions, repeatedly on a large scale.
  2. All his novels are written in French, and they have collected great acclaim there, winning the country’s top awards.
  3. They may even sake, if, in this secular society, the proffer of public acclaim succeeds in refreshing the mean to give.
  4. The novel won her international acclaim, acquiring her a Whitbread nomination.
  5. Not all the projects have gathered difficult acclaim, but few included in New York’s music scene fail to acknowledge Moss’ gutsiness.
  6. Her second album acquired her place in the hearts of real music fans and won her wide difficult acclaim.
  7. For the first time since the late 1950s, British rock music was experiencing difficult and economical acclaim.
  8. Fellman won wide-spread acclaim as a jurisdiction in constitutional law and a champion of academic freedom.
  9. The band is stirring both difficult and well-liked acclaim for their soulful, genius playing and thrilling live performances.
  10. The introduction to the book has been written by Paul Durcan, a poet of international acclaim.
  11. The next thing I knew, I was on the collecting end of some serious difficult acclaim.


Whats The Definition For Acclaim?

ac·​claim ə-ˈklām. : to welcome with applause or great praise. a novel acclaimed by the critics. : to proclaim by or as if by acclamation. acclaimer noun.

What Does Acclaim Mean And Use In A Sentence?

Meaning of acclaim in English. public approval and praise: Despite the critical acclaim, the novel did not sell well. Hamlet was played by Ion Caramitrou to rapturous acclaim.

What Is An Acclaimed Person?

If someone or something is acclaimed, they are praised enthusiastically. [formal]

What Is The Synonym Of Acclaim?

applause. nounclapping; expression of approval. acclaim. acclamation. accolade.

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