What Is The Meaning Of Acrobat? Find Out Meaning Of Acrobat.

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Acrobat Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Acrobat?

What Is The Meaning Of Acrobat?

Meaning Of Acrobat

The meaning of the term acrobat is that it is an entertainer who performs spectacular gymnastic feats. In simpler and elaborated form, you can also define the term acrobat as, a person who entertains people by doing difficult and skillful physical things, such as walking along a high wire.

The other words which can be synonymous with the term acrobat are tumbler, stuntman, rope walker, funambulist, gymnast, aerialist, tightrope, etc.

You can also state an example as, an acrobat is someone who skillfully presents gymnastic feats or other actions that involve agility and balance, such as a trapeze artist soaring through the air, or a tightrope walker at the circus.

The term acrobat is originally derived from the Greek word “bainein”, which means to walk. You can also understand more clearly the meaning of the term acrobat by using the word in the sentences.

For example, it’s not like I was doing acrobatics, the stars of the show did acrobatics in the air right in the middle of the dome, in addition to flying fast they are capable of impressive aerial acrobatics, etc.

There are various types of acrobatics namely, aerial, high wire, jultagi, hand walking, etc. Acrobatics were traditionally found in many cultures which occurred thousands of years ago.

Examples Of Using The Word Acrobat Are:

  1. The show will feature Japanese and Korean drummers, Peking opera presentations and a traditional Chinese dance and acrobat presentations.
  2. A young acrobat can see an insidiously enlarging mole on the face of those marked for close death.
  3. The goods list are Adobe Acrobat PDF files, click to see in Acrobat Reader or right-click to download.
  4. Tendency against the bar, the Chinese acrobat seems weary, though he says none of the tricks are hard for him anymore.
  5. The upward tilt of the camera catches the perfect equipoise of the acrobat presents against a dull grey sky.
  6. Many firms outside the design professions are systematizing on Adobe Acrobat files for long-term filing.
  7. Along the way, he also picked up the abilities to be an acrobat, a juggler, a wire walker, a trapeze artist, and a pierrot.
  8. He is also an acrobat and capoeirista, musician, composer, and sound cartoonist.
  9. Live to index of other World Wide Web sites that issue text, hypermedia, and Adobe Acrobat documents, will be revealed by Verity.
  10. A contortionist, aerial rope acrobat, trampolinist and hula-hooper gave the crowd a taste of the new display, which will be themed around the group.

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What Are Synonyms Of Acrobat?

Synonyms of acrobat are

  • clown
  • dancer
  • gymnast
  • performer
  • tumbler

What Are Antonyms Of Acrobat?

Antonyms of acrobat are:

  • clod

What Are Related Words of Acrobat?

Related Words For Acrobat Are

  • aerialist
  • artist
  • athlete
  • balancer
  • contortionist
  • funambulist

What Is The Noun Form Of Acrobat?

Noun Form Of Acrobat Is:

  • Acrobat

What Is Adjective Of Acrobat?

Adjective Of Acrobat Is:

  • Acrobatic

Examples Of The Word Acrobat Are:

1) The performance made by the acrobat in the exhibition was applauded by all the audience gathered in the room.

2) He is four years of experience in the field of acrobatics.

3) Acrobatics is a vast study that teaches people with gymnastics.

4) The acrobat who has been used in a particular movie was highly appreciated by the audience.

5) The movie’s profit levels have been enhanced due to the inclusion of the amazing acrobatic techniques.

6) He has been an acrobat serving in the field of acrobatics for the past six years.

7) She got amazed by the performance done by his neighbor boy who was an acrobat.

8) The more the inclusion of the acrobatics based programs in the exhibition, the more was the number of audiences who visited the program.

9) His excellent work being an acrobat had made him earn name and fame both for him and his family members.

10) He has been supporting his family by pursuing the profession of being an acrobat for three years.

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Where Did The Word Acrobat Originate From?

It comes from bainein, which is Greek for “to walk.” The acro bit comes from akros, meaning “highest point.” So acrobat is a reference to the classic and possibly first trick perfected by these artists, tightrope walking.

Why Do People Do Acrobatics?

Acrobats have a long and rich history, dating back to ancient times when their skills were used in war, entertainment, and religious ceremonies. Today, acrobatics has evolved into a popular form of entertainment, seen in circuses, dance performances, and theatrical productions around the world.


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