What Is The Meaning Of Adorable? Find Out Meaning Of Adorable.

Adorable Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Adorable?

What Is The Meaning Of Adorable?

The meaning of the term adorable is, inspiring great affection or delight. The term adorable can also be defined or explained as the words used to describe someone or something that makes you love or like them, usually because they are attractive and often small. The term adorable can also be replaced with its synonymous words such as lovable, charming, appealing, beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, fetching, winsome, etc.

The word adorable is derived from the Latin word “adorare”. The term adorable can also be understood more clearly by making the use of the word in the sentences. For example, with an adorable smile, the delightful toddler stole the hearts of everyone in the room.

The term adorable is most commonly used when you give a compliment to someone for their beauty or work.

For example, if you go to see any show and the performer is performing very beautifully, and if you get a chance to meet her after a show. the, you will probably give her a compliment, that she was looking adorable, her smile was just stunning during the whole performance, etc. So, that is meant by the term adorable, to compliment someone for their beauty or appearance.

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Examples Of Using The Word Adorable Are:

  1. Sharon always faces the latest crisis head-on, picks herself up, dusts herself off, beams that adorable smile and goes on.
  2. But I guess my scamper is good because he’s flashing off that cute little smile of his and doing that adorable little head shake of his.
  3. I found an adorable, hole in the wall thrift store that sold all sorts of things, from clothes to antiques.
  4. Mum’s constant companion over the past 12 years had been Rowan, her adorable miniature poodle.
  5. He can be cute, and funny, but he never crosses the line into sickeningly cute or over-the-top adorable.
  6. She replied calmly, the blonde tresses curled in adorable ringlets around her making her face glow.
  7. Hook up with the Shriners and they’ll hand you a spiffy red fez and keys to an adorable little motor vehicle.
  8. Where else can you get four adorable sparkly halter tops for sixteen dollars?
  9. Moo, an adorable tuxedo cat, exhilarated welcomes her human home after a week away in this broadcast.
  10. The students are adorable, with just enough backbone to keep from melting into icky Hollywood moppets.
  11. He was a good-looking youthful man of about three and twenty, but his fleecy mop of dark brown hair accredit to him a certain adorable boyish standard.


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