What Is The Meaning Of Aforesaid? Find Out Meaning Of Aforesaid.

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Aforesaid Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Aforesaid?

The meaning of the term aforesaid is that it is another term for the aforementioned. In simpler words, you can also give the definition of aforesaid as anything that was talked about earlier.

The other words which can be synonymous with aforesaid can also be given as foregoing, previous, above-stated, aforenamed, selfsame, etc. Whereas some of the antonyms can also be given as ensuring, soon to be, below, other, following, subsequent, later on, etc.

You can even understand the meaning of aforesaid more clearly by making the use of the word in the sentence. Some of the examples using the term aforesaid can be given as, it is a general statement that the aforesaid customs and liberties are to be observed by all categories, there is an intellectualist logic flowing with an arbitrary metaphysics as aforesaid, the providing shall appeal to this our Charter as revised or added to in manner aforesaid, etc.

Most people often also question that, what does the aforesaid case mean? So, usually, once you have talked about something it can then be referred to as aforesaid. You already know that to mention something is to bring it up, so if you consider that afore which means before, you will know that aforesaid is simply something that’s been said previously.

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Examples Of Using The Word Aforesaid Are:

  1. On the whole, the aforesaid problem in reorganizing and managing the national defense complex still remains to be fully resolved.
  2. Everything from the aforesaid lamp to the chair, to the books laid upon the desk, fell with a crash as he hurriedly tried to vacate the room.
  3. Moreover, we proclaim that she had forfeited her affected subtitle to the aforesaid kingdom, to every right, majesty, and privilege.
  4. All the heirs will share the property equally under Section 8 of the aforesaid Act.
  5. The procedure of looking for aforesaid gainful employment is generally simple.
  6. Besides the protesting of aforesaid groups, the movie has introduced an aspect of the story of Christ to those who may be less familiar with it.
  7. In this meeting, detailed discussions were held regarding a coordinated approach in the implementation of the aforesaid amendments.
  8. We have diminished inviolable harmony, peace, and alliance with the aforesaid queen.
  9. This book the Boanerges aforesaid caused to be indited for himself.
  10. A certain fleet.. through which little boats used to come to the aforesaid town.


What Does Aforesaid Mean In A Sentence?

adjective. Britannica Dictionary definition of AFORESAID. always used before a noun formal. : said or named before : aforementioned — often used in legal contexts. Based on the aforesaid reasons, the court has come to its decision.

What Is The Meaning Of Aforesaid And Synonyms?

Definition of aforesaid. as in aforementioned. mentioned previously with the aforesaid objections in mind, I think we should reconsider the proposal. Synonyms & Similar Words. Relevance.

How To Use Aforesaid?

Aforesaid in a Sentence
After pleading my case to my mom, I went to my dad and repeated the aforesaid points in hopes that he would let me go to the mall. 2. Summarizing my previous memo, the aforesaid accusations are enough to determine that we need a special officer hearing.

How Do You Use An Example In A Sentence?

Noun He set a good example for the rest of us. She gave several examples to show that the program is effective. We’ve chosen three examples of contemporary architecture for closer study.

What Does Aforesaid Things Mean?

adjective. being the one previously mentioned or spoken of. “works of all the aforementioned authors” synonyms: aforesaid, said same.

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