What Is The Meaning Of Afoul? Find Out Meaning Of Afoul.

Afoul Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Afoul?

The meaning of the term afoul is something that is into conflict or difficulty with. In simpler words you can also give the definition of afoul as, to experience problems, punishment, or harm because you do not obey a rule or disagree with a powerful organization, group, or person.

Some of the other words which can be synonymous with the term afoul can also be given as badly, inappropriately, badly, mistakenly, improperly, unfavorably, etc. Whereas, some of the antonyms can be stated as good, untangled, well, right, etc.

You can even understand the meaning of afoul by making the use of the term in the sentence. Some of the examples using the word can be given such as, because every year there are more rules and laws for us to run afoul of, I don’t know if that was the problem or if something else went afoul, the tax-exempt donations do not appear to run afoul of U.S. law, etc.

Most of the people also question that, what does it mean to run afoul? Run afoul basically means to run out of something you are not allowed to do, especially breaking a rule or law.

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Examples Of Using The Word Afoul Are:

  1. Falling for a fellow teacher runs him afoul of the principal, who has designs on the woman.
  2. He fell afoul of the administration over the banking regulations intended to combat money laundering in the anti-terrorism bill.
  3. They objected to the religious laxity of the sultan and ran afoul with him.
  4. How do we talk about these things without running afoul of Godwin’s Law?
  5. That family soon fell afoul of the leading religious authorities of their day, the people known to history as the Pharisees.
  6. It also remains uncertain whether traditional applications such as aging tobacco in evergreen or other woods might run afoul of the ban.
  7. But globalization has also being fallen afoul of a younger category of a detractor.
  8. Student gangs are a feature of school life and the teacher who runs afoul of any member of a gang, whether male or female, is in for a torrid time.
  9. He committed acts which put him afoul of Empire law, details classified, twenty-six years ago.
  10. But these designations seem to run afoul of our earlier worries about the individuative infertility of dummy sortals.
  11. Subsequently, tens of thousands of innocent Americans who ran afoul of the pernicious junk science of eugenics were sterilized under the color of law.


How Do You Use Afoul In A Sentence?

to become entangled with: The boat ran afoul of the seaweed. to come into conflict with: The business had fallen afoul of the new government regulations.

What Part Of Speech Is Afoul?

AFOUL (adverb) definition and synonyms | Macmillan Dictionary.

What Does Run Afoul Mean?

: to get into trouble because of not obeying or following (the law, a rule, etc.) After leaving home he fell afoul of the law. an investor who has run afoul of stock market rules.

What Is A Afoul?

: fouled, tangled. a ship with its sails afoul.

Is It Run Afoul Or Run Foul Of?

chiefly US. : to get into trouble because of not obeying or following (the law, a rule, etc.) After leaving home he fell afoul of the law. an investor who has run afoul of stock market rules.

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