What Is The Meaning Of Crush? Find Out The Meaning Of Crush

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Crush Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Crush?

What Is The Meaning Of Crush?

The Meaning Of Crush In English,

A crush can have various meanings when a person says he has a crush on someone than the meaning changes and when he says he will crush it the meaning changes.

The meaning of crush subjects to change with different statements altogether. Crush may be a feeling or emotion which is temporary for some other person, it is an attraction due to his or her physical appearance it has nothing to do with the internal beauty of the person.

A crush can also mean in another context, as to squeeze or press. So it can have various meanings, you should know what to apply when.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Crush?

Synonyms Of Crush Are:

  • squash
  • destroy
  • ruin
  • press
  • break
  • smash

What Are The Antonyms Of Crush?

Antonyms Of Crush Are:

  • build-up
  • dislike
  • encourage
  • hate

What Are The Related Words Of Crush?

Related Words Of Crush Are:

  • beat
  • squeeze
  • crushing
  • beat
  • kill

What Is The Noun Form Of Crush?

Noun Form Of Crush Is:

  • Crush
  • press
  • smash

What Is The Verb Form Of Crush?

Verb Form Of Crush Is:

  • crush

What Is The Adjective Of Crush?

Adjective Of Crush Is:

  • crushing

Examples Of Using The Word Crush Are:

  1. To make it yourself, crush a garlic clove in a little tablespoon of olive oil and mildly warm it over the stove for 25 minutes.
  2. Humans may have acknowledged about what a high fat, high protein meal the marrow was from the hyenas, who could crush bones with their mouth.
  3. He experienced crush injuries, a fractured skull, and a broken jaw and spent 19 days in the hospital.
  4. It’s distinct when Henry wants to crush free speech and make a police state environment of informers and rats in a house of reverence.
  5. After one last, warning crush, he let go, my frame collapsing against the wall forbear.
  6. Some sticky aster grew where she sat, so she moved where she couldn’t crush any of them.
  7. To create the marinade, lightly crush the coriander, allspice, and chili utilizing a pestle and mortar.
  8. It took the huge amount of mechanical claw of a giant bulldozer just 30 minutes to crush it to a heap of dust.
  9. I don’t find thin, leggy light-toned especially attractive, so I don’t have some secret crush on the woman.
  10. They crush grains, they permit grains of distinct sorts to flow from hoppers and its an area in which there is still a lot to be grasped.


Can You Love Someone With A Crush?

There’s nothing wrong with feeling an attraction to another person when you’re in a relationship. But you can control whether you nurture the crush or acknowledge it and move on. When you’re in a long-term relationship, it’s normal to have a little crush on someone other than your partner.

What Is Crush On A Girl?

an intense but non-sexual admiration felt by one woman for another; the object of this. Also common is “girl crush”.

What Does Crush A Woman Mean?

​girl crush (on somebody) a strong feeling of liking and admiring, not usually sexual, that a woman or girl has for another woman or girl; the person who is the object of this feeling.

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