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What Is The Meaning Of Domicile? Find Out The Meaning Of Domicile

by Rohan Mathew
meaning of Domicile

Find The Meaning Of Domicile?

What Is The Meaning Of Domicile?

The Meaning Of Domicile In English,

The meaning of Domicile is your home the state you consider your permanent place of residence. If you aren’t living there right now, then it’s the place to which you intend to return and make your home indefinitely.

You can have over one residence, however just one domicile. Domicile means an area where the person (or a particular thing) is at present. It means the location of a person (or that specific thing). Domicile means where you live.

meaning of domicile

Your domicile is the address you stay may be temporary or permanent. According to me, Domicile is the address that is there in your Aadhar card or your parents’ voter id that is applicable for your country and state.


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What Are The Synonyms Of Domicile?

Synonyms Of Domicile Are:

  • home
  • residence
  • house
  • address
  • place of residence
  • residential

Synonyms for domicile

What Are The Antonyms Of Domicile?

Antonyms Of Domicile Are:

  • eject
  • office

Antonyms For Domicile

What Are The Related Words Of Domicile?

Related Words Of Domicile Are:

  • domiciled
  • habitation
  • lodging
  • quarters
  • reside
  • address for service
  • place of abode

related words for domicile

What Is The Noun Form Of Domicile?

Noun Form Of Domicile Is:

  • domicile

What Is The Verb Form Of Domicile?

Verb Form Of Domicile Is:

  • domiciliate

What Is The Adjective Of Domicile?

Adjective Of Domicile Is:

  • domiciled

Examples Of Using The Word Domicile Are:

  1. It seems that his domicile of origin was surely in London.
  2. It is believed, consistently, what mother has, by birth and through her father’s then domicile, an English domicile of origin.
  3. The best way I can think of to draw the kids back is to turn your domicile into a horror house.
  4. Days later, a black bear invaded an Alaskan domicile and made itself, right at home.
  5. Even as she stared endlessly at her new domicile, Virginia did not feel at home, but rather as if she was being sent into prison.
  6. A few months ago I wrote of a house coursing trip, a visit to a domicile around the corner.
  7. But even a die-hard horror movie fan wouldn’t like his home to be the domicile of these eight-legged animals.
  8. There’s a certain stern irony here from comments made at the 1999 shareholders meeting to contemplate the domicile shift.
  9. The company is discussing to move its domicile from London to New York, enlarging the potential investor base.
  10. Wherever you are taxed, you’ll need to know what your address and your domicile areas are not the same.
  11. The election is subject to the conclusion of the written appeal before the Supreme Court on the domicile status of candidates challenging the poll.


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