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What Is The Meaning Of Gramme? Find Out Meaning Of Gramme.

by Rohan Mathew
What Is The Meaning Of Gramme

What Is The Meaning Of Gramme?

What Is The Meaning Of Gramme?

The meaning of the term gramme is that it is a UK spelling of gram where it is a metric unit of mass equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram. The term gram comes from the Late Latin “gramma” meaning a small weight via the French “gramme”. The symbol for gram is “g”.

Meaning Of Gramme

Most of the people question that, what is the difference between gram and gramme? So, the difference between both gram and gramme as the noun is that gramme is British gram unit of mass, while the gram is a unit of mass equal to one-thousandth of a kilogram.

Its International System of Units (SI) base unit is given as 10^-3 kilograms. This SI unit is now itself defined by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. The gramme is today the most widely used unit of measurement for non-liquid substance in cooking and grocery shopping worldwide.

You can also use the word “gm” for gram, which stands for “Gram-metre”. Comparatively, you can also say that 1 gram is roughly equal to 1 small paper clip or pen cap. The gram was the fundamental unit of mass in the 19th century in CGS but later was replaced by kilograms.

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Examples Of Using The Word Gramme Are:

  1. Talking in an interview in Lusaka yesterday, she said Zambian gemstones were attractive five dollars per carat, the equivalent of five grammes, on the West African market.
  2. They found and seized a package wrapped in sticky tape which held 544 grammes of a white crystallized powder, believed to be illegal stuff.
  3. Five grammes of heroin were recuperated when drug squad officers attacked the house in Severn Avenue beforehand this week.
  4. Leeds University scientists have calculated the birds, involving tiny quail weighing mere grammes, are five times fitter than our Olympic athletes.
  5. District-wide, Craven has a shortfall of 54,000 grammes of fuzz that, possibly, could be recycled to make 30 news editor’s tea cozies.
  6. When one gramme of zinc is dissolved in dilute sulphuric acid, 1670 thermal units or calories are developed.
  7. The mean conclusion of the best determinations displays that when a current of one ampere is passed for one second, a mass of silver is placed equal to o ooi i 18 gramme.
  8. The quantity of mechanical force in the “centimeter, gramme, second ” in the C.G.S. system of measures is the dyne, which is about equal to 1/981 part of the weight of one gramme.
  9. Hence for the electrochemical measure of zinc or 0.003388 gramme, the thermal evolution is 5.66 calories.


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