What Is The Meaning Of Lovey-Dovey? Find Out The Meaning Of Lovey-Dovey.

Lovey-Dovey Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Lovey-Dovey?

What Is The Meaning Of Lovey-Dovey?

The meaning of lovey-dovey is very affectionate. An example of a lovey-dovey person is a woman who always hugs and kisses her boyfriend. It means showing a lot of love or affection; expressing affection sentimentally; excessive display of affection; mushy; being amorous.

You can use lovey-dovey to describe, in a humorous or slightly disapproving way, lovers who show their love for each other very openly. Seeing old couples being lovey-dovey can be heartwarming and endearing, but too much hugging and kissing on the Tube or in public spaces can be annoying and cringe-worthy to learn to live your public displays of fondness therefore as to not displease or offend anyone.

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Examples Of Using The Word Lovey-Dovey Are:

  1. We are not a lovey-dovey, touchy-feely family, and I even wouldn’t want us to be.
  2. I don’t know about you, but I could do without all the lovey-dovey things going on between our parents.
  3. You can’t be assuming about lovey-dovey things when there’s that level of jeopardy included.
  4. We’ll just go and sit in the corner like fools while you two say an abhorrently long lovey-dovey goodbye.
  5. The cards, covered in pastel colors and sentimental mush, were of the lovey-dovey variations.
  6. Of course, sometimes we may not even want to hear about the happy, lovey-dovey couples because we’re feeling romantically unfortunate or lovesick ourselves.
  7. They went camping and cavalcading, had a lovey-dovey rest together and vowed that, when the time came, they would do the same for their children.
  8. It’s an essential plot instrument because it’s no fun when these pairs are lovey-dovey.
  9. He is all lovey-dovey two minutes and the next time I see him he is plain distasteful.
  10. This one is old school Coldplay again, all lovey-dovey lyrics and big expansive anthemic choruses.
  11. We faced a 400-mile drive to South Devon for what would be a glorious, sun-soaked honeymoon, doing the boring lovey-dovey things that young marrieds like us do.

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