What Is The Meaning Of Lust? Find Out Meaning Of Lust

Lust Meaning & Definition

Find The Meaning Of Lust?

What Is The Meaning Of Lust?

The Meaning Of Lust In English,

The meaning of Lust is to have a healthy sexual desire.

What we tend to decision as Lust isn’t in any respect bodily or mental or physical.

It is a little deeper than that. Lust is a misplaced notion. Desire is super-expectation. Lust is a passion, driven by hope. Lust is not periodic. Lust does not happen just once or twice. Lust is a constant happening, and that continuous happening surely cannot survive without man’s active support. Surely one is permitting Lust to happen; rather for certain one is promoting Lust to happen. Lust has no energy of its own. One provides the

strength of his own life, of his personal goals to lust. The fireplace that Lust has is that the fire of the ego’s loneliness. The body is innocent. The body knows no crime.

It is the ego that keeps on searching for the proper factor in any respect the incorrect places.

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What Are The Synonyms Of Lust?

Synonyms Of Lust Are:

  • desire
  • hunger
  • thirst
  • itch
  • passion

What Are The Antonyms Of Lust?

Antonyms Of Lust Are:

  • dislike
  • disgust
  • apathy
  • chastity

What Are The Related Words Of Lust?

Related Words Of Lust Are:

  • crave
  • concupiscence
  • yearning
  • craving
  • want

What Is The Noun Form Of Lust?

Noun Form Of Lust Is:

  • lust

What Is The Verb Form Of Lust?

Verb Form Of Lust Is:

  • lust after
  • desire

What Is The Adjective Of Lust?

Adjective Of Lust Is:

  • lusty
  • lascivious
  • sensuality
  • lustful


What Is An Example Of Lust?

Lust is a strong, powerful desire, whether it’s a noun or verb: you lust for things you deeply crave. Someone greedy lusts for money. Someone gluttonous lusts for food. The most basic meaning of lust is an unquenchable desire for sex, but people lust for all sorts of things.

What makes a person lust?

Lust is driven by the desire for sexual gratification. The evolutionary basis for this stems from our need to reproduce, a need shared among all living things. Through reproduction, organisms pass on their genes, and thus contribute to the perpetuation of their species.

What does lust mean in the Bible?

A man who uses his body for lechery wrongs the Lord. Sex may have the attributes of being sinless; however, when a person seeks sex for pleasure, he or she is sinning with lust. Lust is best defined by its specific attribute of rape, adultery, wet dreams, seduction, unnatural vice, and simple fornication.

What does the root word lust mean?

Latin-based lascivious and the Old English word lust both share the same Indo-European root las- “to be eager, wanton.” The much older word lust originally meant “desire, pleasure” and over time developed to mean sexual desire.

Examples Of Using The Word Lust Are:

  1. Of lust, that emits constant from the summits of the earth.
  2. Their promises, temptation, oaths, tokens, and all these engines of lust.
  3. What we need are more women of combined business organization and honesty to get into public life and prod in their heels against the forces of war, lust, and injustice.
  4. The monarchy of nature and of art was plundered to glut the wonder, lust, and savagery of a degraded populace.
  5. Motivated by Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the poems show that culpability and moral confusion that concludes from uncontrolled lust.
  6. Losing the battle with his lust, he let out an inhuman bark and bit into her neck.
  7. Lust converted to adrenaline.
  8. Gabriel didn’t back down, and the light of lust flamed in his gaze.
  9. His mind coursed with carnal lust, raw and uncontrollable.
  10. The trim lust in them left her wishing he had appeared elsewhere.
  11. Do not fodder on your own until your lust is controlled.
  12. From the lust of defeat for its own sake, David seems to have been entirely free.
  13. He never realized more than lust for her.
  14. His smile was artful, the glow of lust in his eyes.

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