What Is The Meaning Of Talked? Find Out Meaning Of Talked.

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Talked Meaning & Definition

What Is The Meaning Of Talked?

What Is The Meaning Of Talked?

The meaning of the term talked is to speak in order to give information or express ideas or feelings. To converse or communicate by spoken words can also be termed as talked. In terms of grammar definition, you can also say that talked is a past simple and past participle of talk.

The other terms which can be synonymous with the term talked are chatter, gossip, speak, blather, prate, chat, etc. In simpler words, you can also define the term talked as to say words aloud or to discuss something with someone.

When you talk, you generally use spoken language to express your thoughts, ideas, or feelings. For example, if you talk to someone, you tell them about the things that are worrying you. Talking to someone who is very close to you gives you a feeling of lightness. You feel very good once you share your feelings with someone else.

Talking is very essential for each and everything going on in the world. Just imagine that if no one talks to each other in the whole world then how could our constitution work, how would the public get to know about their rights, no one would be aware of any kind of information.

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Examples Of Using The Word Talked Are:

  1. One of your fresh answers talked about batsmen who have scored centuries against all nine possible Test rivals.
  2. One of the worries today which is most talked about is peacemaking, which is the world at war and its opposite, peacemaking.
  3. They talked over a cup of tea and a Jaffa cake in her bungalow near Billingham.
  4. When she took over a Saturday morning work on CBS, a lot of people talked about rotating doors.
  5. They had talked all night chatting like old friends reconciling after 10 years apart.
  6. Though they talked back and forth about many subjects, neither of them really let on any data about themselves.
  7. The treatment lasted four hours during which I skilled hallucinations and talked to people who have died.
  8. I also talked to Shawn about minor irritations, and whether or not it was fair of me to be irritated by them.
  9. They talked for four hours, during which Baeck rebuked him with all the allegations that he had heard against him.
  10. The media and other various analysts basically only comment on issues that are being talked about by the President or her helpers.
  11. We talked to top specialists in the field of anti-aging medicine to find out what you should eat to assist you age beautifully.


Is Being Talked Meaning?

When someone is talking longer than you enjoy and you wonder if they even know you are there, you might say you are being talked at rather than having a conversation. Often being talked at means finding a way out or just bearing it until the situation changes. It’s helpful to have more than of these two strategies.

What Is The Meaning Of Talked At?

/tɑːk/ to speak to someone without listening to that person or allowing them to speak: What discussion? You weren’t talking to me, you were talking at me! Lecturing & addressing.

Is The Word Talked Correct?

Both words are the past tenses of words with similar meanings. Spoke to means “held a conversation with.” Talked to means “communicated ideas, information, or feelings in spoken words.” However, talked to is deemed a little more forceful as it implies more of a one-sided conversation.

What Is The Difference Between Told And Talked?

One of the most important differences about using these verbs is that “tell” MUST have a person following. Now, what about “speak” & “talk”?! Just like “say” and “tell”, “speak” is an irregular verb.

Can We Use Talked In A Sentence?

Talked Sentence Examples

He said he had talked to his mother. We’ve talked about it long enough. He talked with some of the sailors. He barely talked to me.

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