What is WordPress: 5 Most Important Things you Need to Know

Juliet D'cruz

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When you are looking for a website or online platform for your business, you have the option of starting an own website or using the available content management platforms. The option of a website comes with the challenges of customizing alongside the expenses of security and additional features to fit your online activities. As for Content Management Systems, you have the simplest task of adding content on a platform that is serviced and updated for you by the best developers across the world. WordPress is such a platform.

The definition might be lost in an attempt to understand what a Content Management System means. To understand a CMS platform, you have to look at what happens on a blog or website. People click on the blog looking for information on products and services on offer. You need to separate different chunks of information for easier consumption. A website also leaves room for comments, sharing of your content, and reacting through likes, among other activities. Such is what a Content Management System like WordPress does. In essence, it is a platform that allows you to perform all website functions without the hustle of developing the website yourself.

WordPress comes with the features you would require on a website. They include different MENUs, themes, and publishing capabilities. Instead of coding your website from scratch, WordPress has developed a set of themes that are guided by what most businesses and professionals would require. With a few clicks, and without any coding or IT skills, anyone can set up the most magnificent website for his or her business.

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If WordPress is that popular effective, what else should you know about this CMS? Here are a few tips by write my essay today.

  1. WordPress is the Most Popular Content Management System

Created in 2003, WordPress is now the most popular Content Management System with over 20 billion pages. It receives impressive traffic of 409 million visitors each month. It host about 20% of the self-hosted sites for professionals and businesses.

  1.     WordPress Offers Excellent Free Themes

WordPress is absolutely free. The system allows you to just sign up and create a page for your business. It has no registration or subscription charges. Even with zero charges, you can change the codes on the site without requiring additional licenses. However, the premium themes and features will require purchase or subscription. Still, you have a lot of latitude over the free platform.

  1. WordPress Plugins Will Transform Your Website

It is natural for businesses to want to customize their websites further. WordPress recognizes that by allowing you to use plugins. They help you to add functionalities that make it easier to communicate or manage your online activities.

  1. WordPress Has Room for Customizing Domains

Content Management Systems give domain names indicating that the site is hosted by a third party. WordPress has taken it a notch higher by hosting your website without interfering with your domain. It allows a fully customized domain. It eliminates confusion over your business domain and branding.

  1. You Do Not Need IT Skills to Operate WordPress

WordPress is so simplified that you do not require any IT skills to run a page on the platform. You build a website by drag and dropping. The Editor platform is similar to the most popular text generating platforms like MS Word. Simply put, it is designed for IT amateurs to develop professional websites.

The depth of WordPress is impossible to exhaust in a single sitting. Still, this is one of the most prolific CMS platforms for businesses and professionals. If you are looking for an easy-to-manage website, WordPress is the place to go.

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