What Not To Do After Filing A Personal Injury Claim?

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After getting injured in any type of accident such as at the workplace, on the road, in a shopping mall, or on the property of someone else, you should file a personal injury claim. It not only helps you in paying the medical bills but also gives you mental relief. While working with a personal injury attorney Atlanta, you need to be sure that you should not perform any action that hurts your claim. You might be surprised to know this but the insurance companies may keep an eye on you.

Staying active on Facebook

These days, everyone loves to post pictures and videos on a social media platform like Facebook. These platforms are handy on our mobile phones. While your road to recovery, you may be tempted to use them more than ever before. Do you know that it could hurt your claim? Insurance companies may use this face against you and prove in court that you are doing just fine. Even if you comment on someone else’s post jokingly, they will prove that you are no longer depressed or anxious.

Not attending your appointments 

If you have missed an appointment with your health care provider, it is likely to have a bad impact on the case because the insurance company or another party will prove in the court that you could get better but intentionally did not take the right treatment. The insurance company adjuster may look at the medical reports and get opinions from your health care provider. It will hurt your case if they are not updated.

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Contacting and asking a favor from your witness

If you make the mistake of contacting your witness after the accident, you will definitely ruin your case. It is not a good idea to compel him or her to make a statement in your favor. Instead, your attorney will contact the witness and record his statement. That’s why you should not try to get in touch with any of the witnesses of your accident.

Hiding facts from your lawyer

If you try to tweak the truth and tell lies to your lawyer, your chances of winning the case will diminish. If throughout the case, your attorney believes that you have not revealed the facts of the accident, he may give up on you and you may lose your case.

By keeping in mind the above-mentioned key points, you will be able to make a great difference in your case. 

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