What’s the Deal With Phony Diplomas: How To Get One

Juliet D'cruz

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There’s nothing that conveys achievement like a diploma. 36 percent of Americans aged 25 and older have at least a bachelor’s degree. Most of them have diplomas, mounting them in prominent places on their walls. 

But even more Americans have phony diplomas. It is against the law to use a phony high school diploma or another document for employment purposes. Yet you can own one, and you can have good reasons for doing so.

Why should you buy a phony diploma? What are the qualities that go into a good replacement for a real diploma? Where can you go to get yours? 

Answer these questions and you can fill your wall with a different kind of art. Here is your quick guide. 


Most people have phony college diplomas to replace ones that they have lost or damaged. They may need them to prove that they graduated from college. Replacements also serve as a good conversation piece at parties. 

You can go to any organization that offers phony diplomas in order to get a replacement. Try to have photographs of your previous diploma. 

It is very difficult to duplicate signatures and font choices. Bring your old diploma with you and show it to the service you hired. They can take a close look and do their best job replicating it. 

Make sure you have other information indicating that you graduated from college. Have a college transcript and a letter of recommendation from a professor on hand. You should never get a phony diploma for a college you never attended. 

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A phony diploma can work as a humorous gift or party favor. You can give one to a friend that is leaving a company you work for. You can say that they “graduated” from your company with a degree in your line of work. 

You can also give one as a gentle prank. You can say that your friend graduated from “Beer University” with a degree in “drinking.” 

It is these reasons that make phony diplomas so popular. Browse through fake diplomas online and find a company you like. You can find a phony diploma promotional code to keep your price down. 

Feel free to get really creative. You can use unusual fonts like Comic Sans and you can attach humorous images, especially in the background. 


Phony diplomas work as perfect props for movies or plays. The audience may not be able to read the diploma word for word. But the appearance of it on a wall can help make a character seem intellectual and professional. 

Get a good frame to put your diploma in. Pick professional fonts like Times New Roman. Add details to build your character’s legitimacy, like saying that they graduated from Harvard. 

Why You Should Purchase Phony Diplomas 

Most people get phony diplomas to replace their old ones. Do keep any diploma that you will get replaced. A company can take the details of your old one and incorporate them into your duplicate. 

A silly diploma works as a good gift or party favor. Have some fun with yours. You can also use one as a prop. Make it look as official as possible and add details to make your character important. 

A phony diploma is just one kind of funny gift and art piece. Find out more by following our coverage. 

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