When Should You Call a DUI Lawyer?

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If you’re ever in an accident or charged with a driving under the influence offense, it’s essential to call an attorney right away to try and help your case. While you can’t navigate this process alone, this blog article breaks down some things you should consider when picking your lawyer. See more about DUI on this site here.

What should you do if you’ve been arrested for DUI? It’s always advisable to hire an attorney, especially if you are innocent. This is because an attorney can help you with everything from negotiating a plea deal to fighting your case in court.

If you have been charged with a DUI, speaking to a lawyer about your case is crucial. DUI cases can be complicated and should not be handled by people who are not familiar with them. If you are not a legal professional, it is best to remain silent and tell the officer that your lawyer will be talking to him or her.

Understanding your Rights

You have constitutional rights if law enforcement police might pull you over. Some would just want to do a regular inspection at a checkpoint, but one of the primary reasons is they may suspect you of driving while you’re in an impaired state.

Most of these stops are sometimes called pretextual, and they are often constitutional or fully valid. Sobriety checkpoints are common, and if you’re pulled over, there’s a big chance that they may suspect you, and you’ll get arrested. It’s essential to know your rights during these cases. You have the right to remain silent while remaining courteous and polite. 

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What’s Involved in the Process?

Driving under the influence is an arrestable offense in many states. So, if an officer believes that you’re guilty of this offense, you might get handcuffed and taken to a police station. Afterwards, you may get processed according to the jurisdictional protocol of a county. The process may include booking the arrestee, taking fingerprints, photographing, interrogating, and conducting a blood alcohol concentration test.

After the booking at the police station, an attorney will consider your case. Know that a DUI is often a complicated process, and an expert is going to determine whether you’re going to press charges. The penalties may involve license suspension, fines, jail terms, probation, and restrictions. Many states may also require the ignition of an interlock device. The charges may be different according to circumstances. Depending on the costs, the lawyer will maintain your freedom or reduce your penalties.

When police pull you over or arrest you, it’s essential to know that you’re not necessarily required to answer any questions. You always have the right to request your preferred lawyer, and they should be present when you’re being questioned. It’s worth noting that any evidence that was obtained because of improper handling of the case can be suppressed during criminal trials.

Who Should You Hire for Your Case?

If you are pulled over and charged with a DUI, you will want to hire the best attorney that can respond to you in emergencies like these. However, you should only hire a DUI lawyer who can handle these types of cases. Other attorneys might not have the experience or knowledge you need for your situation, so it’s best to research in advance.

In some states, the offense for a DUI is specifically a tough one. Even if this is your first time, you need to take things seriously. The conviction can cause major disruption in your daily life, and it’s embarrassing and expensive as well. 

It’s best to be prepared with the facts, and it’s best to call a lawyer if you have evidence that you’re innocent. Generally, first-time offenses are considered misdemeanors, and courts may hand this specific sentence in your case. Even if some plead guilty, an attorney will still do a lot more for you if you let them handle everything on your behalf.

What Exactly is a DUI?

The laws may vary, but a DUI is often defined as any person who controls a car or motor vehicle while under the influence of alcohol or drugs. These substances are at a point where they are already “less than safe” for them to drive. This BAC is often .08 or above, but under specific circumstances, the validity of the results can be questioned in court.  

It’s highly recommended to hire a lawyer to represent yourself in court. These defense experts will work with you to reduce or even diminish the sentence. They have the experience, skills, knowledge, and training to handle these things. They will research your case, assist you in the best way possible, and apply legal techniques so you won’t spend time incarcerated.

What Are the Costs?

It is not easy to determine the cost of hiring an attorney before you hire one. You should call a DUI attorney and ask for a quote for your specific case. You could also search online for reviews of attorneys or specialists in your area to know who to contact. You must be informed of the cost since there might be cases where the lawyer will negotiate with you and work on a budget.

There are also the fees which could vary from $380 to $1000 depending on the case. You should also consider the penalties and costs of the court spending time on your case. There might also be a ruling for mandatory classes for substance abuse and payments to the victim’s restitution fund.  Get more info about restitution in this link: https://www.cdcr.ca.gov/victim-services/restitution-offender/

Most of the attorneys may charge for appearances, preliminary hearings, paperwork, motions, and a potential trial. Others may have determined that they can negotiate favorable plea agreements, and other costs may include the lawyer’s reputation, current caseload, experience, and skills.

There are two primary questions to ask yourself when deciding whether or not to hire a lawyer. The first question is whether or not you think the risk of doing prison time and fines is worth the cost. The second question is whether or not it’s worth it to go through the process of hiring a lawyer. Many factors go into this decision, and it depends on your situation.

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