When Should You File Bankruptcy Using an Attorney? 

Juliet D'cruz

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Filing for bankruptcy can be a lasting solution to those huge disturbing debts. Many individuals often resort to filing for bankruptcy when their situation starts to get serious. And this option seems to provide lasting solutions to their problems. And some are often confused about whether to file for bankruptcy or how to go about filing it. Whether you have applied for one or you want to apply for bankruptcy and you are worried on how to go about it, what is more, confusing here is whether a lawyer is needed for filing bankruptcy or not. On the whole side, it is not a bad thing to employ the services of an attorney when you are filing for bankruptcy. And it is usually an easy process. As an instance, if you are in Johnson City you can make a list of the law firms around, and in order to get the best Johnson City bankruptcy attorneys, you can ask of the law firms who have got a good history of successfully handling such cases around the location. 

When You Should Not Hire an Attorney. 

Simple Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process.

As much as important getting an attorney is, it is also possible to file a bankruptcy without the services of a lawyer. In fact, a glance at the existing bankruptcy schemes shows that the easier the process, the easier it ignores the services of an attorney. Leaving the services of an attorney is very much possible especially when the bankruptcy process you are filing is an easy one like the chapter 7 bankruptcy process. Example of debt cases under here are medical bills, fines, taxes, retirement loans, and other similar debts. For instance, if you are filing for a chapter 7 bankruptcy your eligibility for the bankruptcy scheme is evaluated, therefore when your income is much below the average income received in your state, or you have just got small debts which are part of priority debts and so they can be easily discharged at once with the state fund. In similar cases as this the extra cost of hiring is not needed. 

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When You Should Hire an Attorney.

Complicated Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Process

In some cases, however, when the chapter seven bankruptcy you are filling is a complicated one. For instance, the bankruptcy you are filing may be a complicated one such that the creditor has filed a fraud case against you or you may have large assets or business property or your income is far above the average income received in your state, then the assistance of an attorney would be much needed because of the complications that are likely to arise in such situations. 

Filing a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Processes. 

Filing other bankruptcy schemes such as Chapter 13 can be a bit complicated since there are huge debts here. Debts such as mortgage loans, the need to reduce the burden of those huge car loans, or any other nondischargeable debts normally fall under the Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. 

Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy is usually difficult and complicated and are better completed with the services of an attorney. This is because apart from filling forms and completing tests to determine your annual income in line with the state median, you are also required to come up with a good design of your repayment plan proposal. This process is almost impossible to achieve without the assistance of a professional attorney. In fact, only qualified attorneys are able to handle the complex processes of filing a chapter 13 bankruptcy and there is a higher likelihood of dismissing a chapter 13 bankruptcy filed without an attorney at the court. 

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