Why Do People Use Redensyl and Procapil Products for Hair Growth?

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Apart from the protectoral abilities, hair serves an important role in our appearance that sets the tone of our entire look. Thus it’s very important to groom our hair. However, it has become burdensome to get rid of some detested factors like stress, pollution, diet imbalances, and many more factors that cause hair fall.

The most popular way of recovery, as you will learn from most mouths, is hair transplant, which is indeed a bottomless pit for common people. However, recent studies show that redensyl serves as a better alternative to hair transplant, and the use of procapil even boosts hair growth. That’s why the demand for redensyl & procapil hair tonic is so high these days.

Redensyl Meaning

Redensyl is a compound obtained from plant extracts. So it’s completely natural and non-hormonal as well. It contains

  1. Dihydroquercetin-glucoside (DHQG)
  2. EGCG 2
  3. Glycine
  4. Glycerine
  5. Zinc Chloride
  6. Biotin
  7. Water

All these are natural ingredients and hence have no side effects.

The primary motive of redensyl is to make it to the stem cells in hair follicles and accelerate cell division. DHQG and EGCG 2 are two stabilized polyphenols. They target the ORS bulge stem cells and the fibroblasts located in the dermal papilla. Furthermore, EGCG 2 holds free radicals that nourish the hair follicles. They also have anti-inflammatory properties. Glycine, which is another component in redensyl, is an amino acid that gives rise to hair proteins.

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Benefits of using Redensyl

There are numerous benefits of using Redensyl. Some of them are as follows:

  1. One of the substantial benefits of using redensyl is that it is an absolutely natural product. As mentioned earlier, it only contains plant-derived compounds making it free from any side effects.
  2. Stimulates hair to enter the anagen phase (hair growth phase). It shrinks the time required for hairs to fall off and, in the meantime, enhances cell division. This causes more hair growth.

With the use of redensyl, there is rapid hair growth as well as hair thickness. 

  1. It prevents the death of hair follicles.
  2. Absolutely non-irritable and non-sensitizing

Clinical proof of Redensyl

Clinical trials show that there is a 17% increase in hair volume when redensyl is used for about 2½ months. Medical Norwood carried out a double-blind clinical trial on volunteers with grade 3 Alopecia. The results obtained with redensyl were:

  1. Increase in hair volume by 17% within 84 days.
  2. Increased anagen hairs by 9%
  3. Hair fall decreased by 17%

Nearly 85% of the volunteers had notable hair growth, with more than 28000 fresh hairs obtained in just 84 days. This is the same as three complete procedures of hair transplant.

How to Use Redensyl

The hair development cycle works in 3 stages – the first stage where the hair starts growing is known as the anagen phase. The second stage is where the growth stops, and the transition begins – the catagen phase. Finally, the hair falls in the telogen phase.

When redensyl is used, the duration of the telogen phase gets reduced, while it enhances the anagen phase. This mechanism lessens hair loss. 

It is recommended to be used in the initial stages of telogen effluvium or simply in the telogen phase. Apply the serum on a clean, dry scalp, where the hair density is declining.

Advantages of Redensyl over Minoxidil

  1. Unlike minoxidil, it won’t harm you if you stop using redensyl suddenly. 
  2. You just can’t go buy minoxidil and apply it on yourself. It may yield harmful results. Use it only when the doctor prescribes you. On the other hand, you can use redensyl without any such prescription.
  3. Minoxidil has side effects. Some customers have faced side effects like itching, stinging, scaling, flaking, or redness. Redensyl has no such side effects.

What is Procapil?

It is also made from natural ingredients. The good thing about it is its neutrality towards sensitive skins. It contains:

  1. Biotinyl-GHK: hair vitamin biotin
  2. Apigenin: metabolites found in citrus plants.
  3. Oleanolic acid: compound derived from olive trees.

How it works

Excess testosterone is converted into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a male sex hormone. It severely weakens hair causing hair loss.

Excess DHT gathers around hair follicles, which blocks follicles from getting appropriate nutrients for healthy hair growth. 

Procapil, when applied to the scalp, increases blood flow. This is due to the Apigenin component of procapil. It promotes the dilation of blood vessels. This helps in enhancing the hair from the root. Thus follicles maintain nutrients and oxygen. The component Biotinyl-GHK accelerates the metabolism of hair follicle cells. This supports the growth of new hair

Benefits of Procapil

  1. Prevents hair thinning
  2. Reduces hair fall
  3. Strengthens hair 
  4. Regenerates hairs

Clinical Proof of Procapil

Studies show that the consequence of procapil is relatively effective compared to other medications and chemical substances. When the test was carried out, it was observed that the anagen hairs increased in 67% of the volunteers.

It stimulates tissue repair mechanisms and is also known to activate numerous genes. In addition, when used, the epithelial sheath gets thicker, which provides better anchorage. 

Since procapil stimulates metabolism at the hair follicle, it also helps in restoring the different structures of the hair follicle. 

Thus, both redensyl and procapil are quite effective remedies for treating hair fall and hair thinning. Use them in the right dosage or as prescribed by the doctor, and the results will turn out pretty well.

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