Why Wooden Windows Are Best For Saving Energy

Charlotte Miller

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Windows are an important component of the building. They ventilate the home with light and air. For this very reason they can be considered as energy regulators and hence energy conservators. When you think you are spending too much on electricity bills, its time to consider putting your windows to optimal use. One way of achieving this is to upgrading to wooden windows. Apart from the aesthetic appeal they offer, they are excellent energy conservators and environmentally sustainable. As home-owners are feeling the pinch of rising electricity bills, they are on a constant search of ways to reduce the power consumption.

Wood has been an integral part in building material since centuries, for its good insulation properties. No wonder, the old-time buildings were most energy efficient keeping the interiors warm in winters and cool in summers. Wood, unlike other materials, is environmentally friendly helping the homeowner in reducing the carbon footprint.

The Many Benefits of Wooden Windows:

Wood is known for its insulation properties. Wood has a cellular structure that allows for formation of pockets of air within the layers. These air pockets prevent heat transfer from inside and outside of the home. The temperature of interiors is kept at a comfortable level helping in reducing the usage of heating and cooling systems, saving you from hefty utility bills. Further, by virtue of their solid construction they leave little scope for heat to escape or enter the home. Other windows are made with multiple materials which gives scope for leaving number of gaps.

Adding to the sustainability factor, they offer long durability. They are resistant to rot and require minimal maintenance unlike windows made with vinyl and aluminum. Provided, you take care of them at appropriate time they last for decades without showing a hint of blemish. And when they are finally up for replacement, the wood material can be disposed safely.

Cost Effectiveness of Wooden Windows:

Bespoke wooden windows might cost you a lot when purchased but the benefits they bring with them will offset the initial expenditure. While the insulation properties of windows reduce day to day electricity bills, in the long term they help in extending the life-span of heating and cooling systems. You may even consider doing away with them! The property value enhances with upgraded wooden windows, when up for sale. Home buyers are mostly interested in buying energy efficient properties. Hence, homes with wooden windows have greater prospect of being sold at higher price. Wooden windows, in other words, can offer good returns on investment.


Though wooden windows are not the only means to include energy efficiency in the building, you cannot resist the charm they add. If installed and maintained properly, they offer long durability with many other intangible benefits. In other words, by choosing to include wooden windows, you are only improving the chances of better living in more than one way. For more information on the process of choosing, buying and installing good and energy efficient wooden windows, please visit Archway Joinery.