Why You Should Book a Renovation Before the End of the Year

Charlotte Miller

When most homeowners picture renovating their homes, snow, sleet, and single-digit temperatures do not play a role in these fantasies — yet. While the late fall and winter may be unconventional seasons to approach home renos, they offer unique advantages — whether you perform a to-the-studs remodel or smaller seasonal chore. Here’s why:

The Weather isn’t as Important as You Think

Clear, sunny skies aren’t necessary for construction. In fact, most temperate climates never get cold enough to interrupt outdoor work, so don’t delay a backyard patio. Working on it now might mean you can enjoy it for the first warm nights of spring.

As for indoor work, you will control the climate of your home with your furnace. This HVAC system (along with a few well-placed dehumidifiers) can help you create a dry, ventilated place to work.

Now’s the Time to Tackle Winterizing Chores

Little seasonal chores like changing your furnace filter can help you reduce your energy consumption. A fresh filter takes less energy to circulate air, giving your furnace a break.

While it might not seem like much, this small replacement can save you a lot of headaches down the line. Constantly running your furnace with an old filter puts pressure on this appliance, and eventually, it will breakdown before you’re read to replace.

On average, a brand-new furnace costs roughly $5,000. Do you have that kind of money laying around? Most people would have to apply with online direct lenders to see if they can get a personal loan or line of credit.

But wait a minute — what are online direct lenders? They’re any bank, credit union, or online lender that vets borrowers and funds loans without help from other financial institutions. Working with a singular lender like this can help you reduce how much confusing back-and-forth you have to do with companies and representatives.

Repairing weatherstripping around windows and doors is another timely job that you may want to complete at this time. Fixing this sealant can reduce heat loss from these areas and lower your utility bills — saving you as much as $400 on your annual heating costs!

You stand to save even more by skirting disaster. Properly insulating your home inside and out can prevent frozen pipes that lead to significant water damage.

You May Have Greater Luck Booking a Contractor

Like every industry, construction has its on and off seasons. The late fall and winter just so happen to be the slower period for contractors and builders. After all, most people prefer to complete their renovations when the sun is shining and the mercury is high.

By waiting until the end of the year, there’s a better chance your number one contractor has room in their schedule — meaning you won’t have to resort to a less busy and less experienced contractor as backup.

More importantly, waiting until the off season may help you save money. Although a contractor probably won’t offer a door-crasher sale of 50% off their rates, there is a good chance they will reduce their price during these months.

Renovating for the Holidays

Most creatures wind down during the fall to prepare for a wintertime hibernation. But not you! Now you know the perks behind an end-of-year reno, you’ll be busy before the holidays.