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Did you know that WordPress currently powers just over 39% of all websites?

To put that into perspective, that’s a whopping 455 million websites. 

This comprehensive CMS (content management system) is a popular choice, particularly for small businesses. But what makes it so popular? 

WordPress used to be primarily associated with blogging but has since become a go-to choice for hosting any type of website. This is mostly because of the variety of plugins available to suit your individual or business needs. If you’re looking to make your business as eco-friendly as possible your WordPress site can be easily integrated into an eco-friendly office plan. 

Apart from this, WordPress is also easily customizable in terms of its design and layout. With some professional WordPress theme design, you can take your website to the next level. Let’s explore how. 

What Is a WordPress Theme?

A WordPress theme is a collection of elements that control how your webpage is displayed to visitors. Your theme will come in the form of a folder with a collection of files that determine your site’s design.

These might include images, templates, and typefaces. WordPress themes are often fully customizable, meaning these folders will also contain templates and JavaScript files (code) to tweak these design elements. 

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The Importance of a Good WordPress Theme

Research shows that good web design can make or break your small business. This is because it’s also a crucial element of search engine optimization. 

This is because internet users are pretty fickle. Once you’ve got visitors to your website using the right keywords and carefully curated content you need to work on keeping them there. And they’re most likely to stay if your site is pleasant to look at and easy to use. 

This can mean eye-catching but simple color combinations, a clean and easy-to-navigate layout, and responsive design elements among other things. 

Luckily, these two things are easy to change if you’re using WordPress. WordPress themes come ready-built by designers and developers. You won’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty design stuff color combinations or font readability, because these have already been expertly selected and crafted and are ready to go.

So How Do I Change My WordPress Theme?

There are tons of free themes available for download online. Before choosing the right one for you, you need to ask what you would expect as a visitor to your own website. 

It’s useful to ask things like “what look and feel speak to the tone of your brand?” and “what functions would make browsing and buying on my website as easy as possible?”. No matter what answers come up, there’s probably a WordPress theme design catering to your niche requirements. 

But sometimes a free WordPress theme just won’t cut it. Perhaps the design isn’t quite what you’re looking for, or there’s something missing in the theme’s functionality. This is when it’s a good idea to call on a professional WordPress theme designer. 

If you’re looking to make your small business greener and you’ve already enlisted recycling services like Cjdecycling.com, customizing your WordPress design to suit your eco-friendly needs is easy. 

WordPress Theme Design For You

WordPress is an excellent choice of CMS for your small business. With the right WordPress theme design, your website can be beautiful, eco-friendly, and suit your niche requirements.

For more info on building a greener business, be sure to check out the rest of our site. 

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