3 Top Safety Accessories to Be Considered for Every Household

Juliet D'cruz

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There is no place like home’, we are sure you have heard this before. This sentiment is something that is deeply felt by most people. This is also why we take so much time and effort when building a home. Every detail is explored from the space, location, interiors, ventilation to security. This is done because we want our home to be a safe space – one where our loved ones can live happily. While we often do pay attention to external security with measures such as installing CCTV cameras, motion sensors, and installing security codes, we don’t consider the safety of these appliances themselves. Our homes have many appliances connected to electricity, and this means there is always a chance of a fire breakout. Yet this is one aspect that is often overlooked when considering the safety of homes.

To make all aspects of your home truly safe, we are sharing a list of 3 top electrical safety devices your house must-have.

Tamper-proof receptacles – You must be wondering what these are? Well, tamper-proof receptacles are extremely important, especially if you have young children or any toddlers at home. These receptacles prevent the current from passing through wall electrical outlets. The current only passes through when all outlets are energized at the same time. So if your little one wanders around and pokes into any sockets, then you can be assured he/she will be safe. This is an integral electrical protection device and an important one, especially when child-proofing your home.

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Ground fault circuit interrupters – Sometimes, there may be a difference between the output current and the input current. This anomaly can be dangerous and can lead to electrocution. So early detection with the help of GFCIs is very helpful. Even the smallest of differences are easily detected with the help of these electrical protection devices. What’s more, these circuit interrupters detect the difference and immediately interrupt the electrical circuit. This prevents disasters from occurring and makes these a must-have electrical safety device.

MCBs Miniature Circuit breakers are a must-have in your electrical safety devices checklist. MCBs help in multiple scenarios, and in the case of a short circuit immediately cuts off the power supply from the source. This circuit protection keeps your appliances safe and prevents the outbreak of a fire. MCBs have added benefits of instant restoration and unlike fuses or other electrical protection devices, don’t require replacements after every outage. 

All these electrical safety devices must be installed to ensure the safety of your home. In case you are unsure of where to begin, then start with MCBs. This circuit protection will give you the necessary safety and let you be assured that your family lives in a secure space. MCBs are readily available, and Schneider Electric has gone one step ahead with its online shopping experience. You can now browse for a range of MCBs, choose the ones that best fit your need, and order it. Schneider Electric is a name to reckon with the world of household appliances and lifestyle products. Schneider Electric is an extension of that philosophy, where each product is curated with utmost precision. Each appliance is durable, reliable, and cost-effective.

So, head to the eShop of Schneider Electric to make your home a more secure space.

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