Brеathing easy: Ensuring frеsh air circulation with fans and exhaust fans in India

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Harnessing fans and exhaust fans for clean air in India

With India’s changing climate conditions, fresh air circulation is a necessity. As compared to other Western countries, India conventionally has been the one to have installed fans in most of the households, across the country. From hand-held fans to now even remote-controlled ones, India relies heavily on fans for fresh air circulation. Fans can be of various types. The most popular ones in India are ceiling fans, pedestal fans, and table fans.

The basic function of fans

Fans provide an instant relief from the sweltering heat. They help in regulating the air and temperature indoors, making sure fresh air can be distributed and indoor pollutants can be extracted.

The basic functions of exhaust fans

The basic function of an exhaust fan is to extract the pollutant and foul air from indoors and dissipate it outside. Traditionally, an exhaust fan is installed in bathrooms and kitchens in India. It is installed in the bathroom to extract the foul air and ensure regular air circulation. It is installed in the kitchen to extract smoke from the kitchen and keep the kitchen air clean. It instantly clears the air and prevents any buildup of harmful gases.

How to choose the right fan

There are a few things to consider before you choose a fan for your home. Factors such as ventilation, room size, outdoor climate, noise level, energy efficiency, etc. With modern technology, you can also opt for fans with remote control for comfort and convenience. Various fans[a] come with features like adjustable speed and timer functions. These fans are also low-maintenance so you can choose for your requirements without any worries.

The effect of ventilation

Fans work best when they are combined with natural ventilation in a space. One should open the air passageways in their homes during the cooler hours, for the fan to perform its optimum capability. This will result in a comfortable temperature indoors along with fresh air throughout the house. Fans undoubtedly work best when complemented with natural air circulation. In the case of exhaust fans, you must ensure your fan is powerful enough to clear the air in your bathroom or kitchen.

Maintеnancе and upkееp

Fans are usually quite low-maintenance as compared to ACs. One can easily clean them and have them running in no time. All you have to do is clean the blades of the fan with a soft cloth to ensure there is no dust collected on it. This ensures that you have clean air regulated in your house. You can clean your fans every two weeks to ensure there are no pollutants collected on it. This also helps in the longevity of fans and their performance.

Fans and exhaust fans, all in all, are more environmentally friendly as compared to ACs. They promote air quality, extract indoor pollutants and improve the overall ventilation of the house. So, let’s embrace more natural and holistic ways to have cleaner air inside your indoor spaces.

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