5 Capabilities of PDFBear That Will Amaze You

Juliet D'cruz

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Finding a converter that will be helpful even in the long run is unlikely to happen because most of us love to grasp standard tools instead of getting the best. If we jump into unfamiliar things like getting a converter, make sure that it is worth risking because it will be your lifetime partner for your document needs. 

If you’re still searching for a tool that works well, not just in a short period, then you must give our PDFBear a try. This online-based converter is free to use, but if you want to enjoy all of its features, then opt to be one of their members! I’ll provide some details of its capabilities, processes, and other essential facts about this tool; therefore, keep reading until the end! 

Word to PDF Converter

If you wish to convert Word to PDF without facing obstacles along the way, the PDFBear converter will make your wish come into reality. This hassle-free tool can do more than one task; all you need to do is relax, execute several steps and then let the tool do the magic for you.

The steps are straightforward; no need to feel nervous because it doesn’t require lots of energy and effort. Firstly, you need to find your document by clicking the Select Files. If you’ve prepared it in advance, you can directly drag and drop it in the toolbox. After importing it, tap the Convert button to set and begin the conversion operation. 

After the conversion process, the converted file you’ve wanted to acquire is now ready for download. You can now share your converted files with others’ devices confidently because the PDFBear will make sure that your content will remain the same the way you constructed it. 

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PDF to PNG Converter

Another capability of the PDFBear is it has the skill to turn PDF to PNG image. The quality will not be ruined, unlike other tools out there; it’s guaranteed safe, secure, and it fits well for any task. The step-by-step procedure is quite the same as the method above; just follow everything to get the right outcome. 

To begin the procedure, go to the PDFBear website and tap the Convert from PDF. After that, choose the PDF to PNG. The conversion will start once you drag a file to the box given; you can also click the Select a File key to begin the process. Once you’re done executing that step, the PDFBear will automatically scan and upload your document. For the last step, you can download the converted PNG image to your device. 

PPT to PDF Converter

Most of us love to share our PPTs with our friends, classmates, or colleagues, but we’re just afraid to do it because it might change once we transfer them to other devices. If you want to share confidently and make it extra presentable, start teaching yourself to convert PPTs and other documents to PDF. By doing that, you’re sharing it safely and securely. 

The methods are easy to execute, Pal. The initial step is to visit the site of the PDFBear and then hit the PPT to PDF. After that, drop the document or upload it on the website. Once the conversion starts and is completed, download the paper’s converted copy on your computer and use it everywhere you want. 

PDF to JPG Converter

This fantastic PDF converter has extraordinary power; since it is a multi-purpose tool, it also has the potential to convert PDF to JPG. To do this task, you are required to prepare your file ahead of time. 

If you haven’t readied it beforehand, you can search the PDF on your computer. After selecting a piece of document, just relax and wait for the conversion to end. Once it’s completed, you can tap the link provided by the website to download the converted paper. 

Excel to PDF Converter

Putting a lot of data using Excel is quite challenging; that’s why finishing a task using that format is rewarding. If you want to share your data with your colleagues or send it anywhere, then secure it by changing it into a PDF; in this sense, you’re safely sharing it and avoiding any mishap during the transfer. 

To begin the operation, you only need to upload the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet document you wish to change into PDF. After that, there will be options available; choose anything you want to proceed to the next step. Click the Convert and wait for the PDFBear to examine and change it into the format you desired. In less than a minute, your paper is now ready to be downloaded. 


You have nothing to regret once you choose the PDFBear as your lifetime companion for all your document needs. Don’t be hesitant to gamble because you’re in the right hand. You can now convert all your files to any format with the PDFBear at your side! Keep using this tool and enjoy all the features it offers. 

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