5 Core Woodworking Supplies and Tools You’ll Need for Every Project

Juliet D'cruz

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Summer is a time that many people look forward to for many different reasons. 

Kids love it because they get to take a break from school. It’s the most popular time for people to go on vacation. It is also the perfect time for swimming, cookouts, and lots of other fun outdoor activities.

It can also be a great time to work on that special project, like building a treehouse for the kids and making some new furniture. If you enjoy working with wood, keep reading to find out some great woodworking supplies and tools to have for your next project.

  1. Power Jointer and Thickness Planer

Power jointers are an essential tool if you are using rough wood or reclaimed lumber. The jointer can flatten the face of a piece of wood and square up the edge. 

A planer can then make the second face of the wood you’ve flattened parallel to the first. A planer can be a huge time-saver as opposed to using handheld tools. Using a jointer and planer is a great way to move past this step in the process and on to the fun part of your project.

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  1. Supercell Dust Collector

One of the hallmarks of a woodworking shop is that everything gets coated in wood shavings. You also have to get the shavings off pieces of wood you plan to use and your tools. 

The Supercell Dust Collector can take care of all that with its high-power suction. There are a range of collection sizes and even a portable model. It also has a suction hose that is 100 hundred feet long.

Its internal pulse filter cleaner can clear away clogs in seconds without your intervention. It also has handy features like a fill level viewing window, a wireless remote, a Dust Sentry bin level sensor, and more.   

  1. Table Saw

Table saws are an important tool when doing woodwork. You will always have pieces of wood that you will need to cut, and table saws are great for long cuts. They are far more accurate than a handsaw and will save you time and effort.

The blade is what allows the straight cut, so invest in a high-quality blade. There are also many types, and you’ll have to pick one based on your own needs.

  1. A Pegboard

A pegboard is a great asset in any woodworking shop, especially small ones. Pegboards can keep your various supplies and handheld tools close by your work area. By adding pegs, you can create more space to keep track of everything you need. 

Some pegboards will even allow you to hang shelves on them. This allows you to store heavier items like power tools with more security.

  1. Woodworking Tape

Woodworking tape has a range of uses, and it’s a good idea to keep several rolls on hand at all times. It keeps things together, you can write on it if need be, it doesn’t leave residue, and it’s easy to remove. For good quality woodworking tape, check out Hippie Crafter.

Your Guide to Woodworking Supplies and Tools

A good selection of woodworking supplies and tools can make your project easier and a lot more enjoyable. Some tools are essential to any project, like a jointer and planer, along with a table saw. Masking tape is a helpful commodity for adhesion or notation.

When you’re done, a pegboard can keep all your essential tools together, and a dust collector can keep your work area clean.

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