5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Certified Mail Services

Juliet D'cruz

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Did you know that almost 2 million packages are stolen or lost in the U.S. every single day?

Whether you’re sending out gifts for Christmas or trying to run a business, it’s important to know which mail service options are reliable.

Are you wondering how to tell? Keep reading to learn about 5 factors to consider when choosing certified mail services.

  1. Check Out the Online Reviews

When it comes to sending certified mail, you should start by looking at what reviews customers have left online. Ratings are a great way to get a general idea of the reliability of each service.

It’s also a good idea to read several reviews per service and get more details about what it would be like to rely on them. If everyone raves about their certified mail from home service, then you should try it for yourself.

  1. Compare and Contrast Prices

If you send out mail all the time, then you should start comparing mail service costs. That way, you can save a lot more money over time.

Prices will vary from service to service, so it’s best to see how much they charge for the places you tend to send packages to. Some mail services can offer you a much more reasonable fee for sending packages overseas, for instance.

However, you shouldn’t automatically choose the lowest price. If the service isn’t reliable, then it could be a waste of money altogether.

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  1. Read Their Terms and Conditions

The most reputable confirmed certified mail delivery service will have terms and conditions that are fair.

For instance, what’s their policy on late deliveries or lost packages? You should be able to send mail without worrying about what might happen.

They may have other clauses or regulations that are worth knowing about too.

  1. Know Their Exact Services

While finding mail services online, you should also keep in mind the specific benefits you’re looking for. Do you want the recipient to sign for the package? Do you want it to be sent priority? Would you like to print the label from home?

Not all mail services will have the same benefits, so it’s best to confirm what they have ahead of time. That way, you can save yourself possible headaches.

  1. Look Into Insurance Coverage

Sending expensive items in the mail can be nerve-wracking.

However, if you have insurance coverage, then you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you can submit a claim in case the worst happens.

Ready to Choose Certified Mail Services?

Now that you’ve learned all about 5 factors to consider when choosing certified mail services, you can make sure your packages get to where they’re supposed to be. Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, you’ll be glad to know that your package will be safe and on time.

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