5 Unique Ideas For a Wedding Gift

Wedding gifts can run the gamut from eminently practical to outlandish and unnecessary. While most couples have a list of their most desired gifts, sometimes, they all get taken from the registry before you can get around to shopping. If that happens, don’t panic! 

Finding the right wedding gift can be difficult, but if you know the couple well, you’re sure to find something they enjoy. And, if all else fails, you can read on for five of our most unique ideas for a wedding gift below!

  1. Personalized Jewelry and Accessories

One of the oldest and most touching ideas for a wedding gift is a piece of personalized jewelry or a personalized accessory. While monogrammed items might seem old hat, they can still add a nice touch to a standard gift. However, if you want to avoid the conventional, you could try giving custom necklaces, bracelets, or watches instead of the standard towel set.

If a watch would be something the couple uses and enjoys, then you can create your own here.

  1. Subscription Boxes Make a Great Wedding Gift

Looking for a wedding gift that keeps on giving? Then look no further than a subscription box. These renewable services make for a great wedding gift, and you can find a subscription box for any needs or desires.

Are your friends massive comics nerds? LootCrate boxes will make for great monthly gifts. Do they prefer snacks or coffee? There are subscription boxes for that, too!

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  1. You’re Never Too Old for Fandom Merchandise

Piggybacking off of the above point, you’re never too old for fandom merchandise. If your friends are massive Potterheads or Trekkies, don’t hesitate to incorporate that into your wedding gift ideas. They may not be personalized wedding gifts, per se, but they will play to your married friends’ interests while filling a need they may have. (Or just serving as a great centerpiece on one of their shelves!)

  1. Think Outside the Boxed Sets of Kitchenware

Let’s face it: Plates and silverware come standard on most lists for wedding gift ideas. However, we encourage you to think outside of the boxed sets when finding kitchenware for a friend’s wedding. Use chair covers to decorate your chairs.

You might think you’re saving money and doing your friends a favor by getting a massive entertaining set. But, if your friends don’t have company over that often, they don’t need that many dishes available. A single, but unique piece like an agate serving tray or real silver platter will hold much greater value.

  1. When All Else Fails, Cash Is King

So, what happens if you can’t think of any ideas for a wedding gift in time for the ceremony itself? Well, when all else fails, you can always give cash to the happy couple so that they can invest in what they truly want.

Do You Still Need Help Finding a Wedding Gift?

As we’ve said before, finding the perfect wedding gift can be tricky. If you still need help tracking down the perfect thing for your married friends, check out our blog each day for more articles like this one.

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