6 Incredible Reasons to Visit England

Juliet D'cruz

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Each year, approximately 38 million people visit England from all corners of the globe. They come for work, research, or holiday. Many find more than enough reason to come back. 

In the following article, we share the six primary reasons to visit England at least once in your lifetime. Let’s begin!

  1. The Old World

England has a number of locations that are rich with historical significance and beauty. Enough to where some in the US will even refer to it as “the Old Country” or “Old World.”

Proof is definitely abundant with castles, palaces, villages, and cathedrals, all of which have hundreds or even thousands of years behind them. When visiting England, you’ll want to check out spots like Hereford Cathedral, West Kennet Long Barrow, and Dover Castle.

  1. The Scenery

Another of the many things to do in England is sightseeing. While you can check out many lovely landscapes throughout the globe, only England has the chalky White Cliffs, Mt. Snowdon’s jaw-dropping views, and the Swallow Falls in Snowdonia National Park, where the waterfalls actually look like gentle avalanches cascading down the rocks. 

Schedule some time to tour the countryside, and you’ll see. Planning a trip to England requires more than just spending all your time in metropolitan London. 

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  1. The Streets

On the topic of London, its city streets have so much in way of culture, history, and entertainment that you do need to spend some time there. London has a number of historic buildings and pubs where you can spend a day or evening. 

It’s also loaded with interesting flea markets, street murals, and historical tours. You can get a sense of the available goods from a souvenir store, but why not visit and see for yourself?

  1. The Arts

While hitting the metropolitan centers of England, you’ll notice a healthy and robust culture for the Arts. This extends to everything from modern musical acts to classic forms of entertainment. In particular, London and even many of the rural communities boast an outgrowth of operas and theatres that build on nearly two thousand years of tradition with a modern flare. 

  1. The Connections

England’s historical and cultural significance goes well beyond the country itself. It has figured as the backdrop in all types of things, actual and fictional, that have captured imaginations over the years.

The popular Harry Potter series of books uses it quite effectively as a backdrop. History buffs can find a lot to chew on with locations like the Jack the Ripper Tour, Tower of London, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace. 

  1. The People

One of the last and best reasons to come to London: the people. Cities offer a multicultural experience where you can connect with many different personalities from across the globe, while villages and rural communities offer a taste of local colour ingrained in hundreds of years of tradition and heritage. 

There Is Plenty to Recommend That You Visit England

Given the extensive history and culture, you owe it to yourself to visit England at least once in your life. It holds so much insight into one’s past while offering the modern conveniences of city life.

Find your reason, and begin planning your trip today. For more travel tips and info, check out some of our additional posts!

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