6 Tips to Lead and Manage a Remote Team

Juliet D'cruz

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Are you wondering how to manage a remote team?

As a business owner, leading and managing a remote team can be an intimidating task to take on. When your team is remote, you might struggle with communication, monitoring their work, being available for help, and more.

Without an effective plan, you can find yourself struggling to connect with your team and work as effectively as possible.

Fortunately, managing your remote team doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By following a few tips and tricks, you can be as effective as you are in an office setting. 

If you need to manage a remote team and aren’t quite sure where to start, this short and simple guide is for you. 

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  1. Establish Rules and Expectations

The first step for managing your team is establishing rules and expectations. This is an essential step, one that sets the foundation for the productivity of your team. Make sure you are clear about your expectations and the rules you want your team to follow. 

  1. Check In Regularly 

A great tip for how to manage a remote team is to check in regularly. Schedule a check-in a few times a week to give them a chance to ask questions, share concerns, and more. Make sure they know when you are available for help. 

  1. Use the Right Technology 

While you might be able to monitor your team with a fingerprint clock in at work, monitoring your remote team can be a little more difficult. To better connect with employees working from home, make sure you are using the right technology, such as a chat platform, video conferencing platform, and more. 

  1. Communicate Effectively 

A helpful tip for how to manage remote employees is to communicate effectively. Communication is essential when you are managing a remote team because you are not there in person. Make sure you are using all of your communication tools and resources with your team.

  1. Be Flexible and Understanding 

If you are wondering how to manage remote work, one tip is to be flexible and understanding. Working remotely might be new for many members of your team, which is something you need to understand. Don’t expect perfection and embrace flexibility when working with your team. 

  1. Avoid Micromanaging

One of the most helpful tips for how to manage your team is to avoid micromanaging. It might be tempting to check in every few hours, chat extensively, and require long video conferencing calls. However, this will not only distract your team, but it will also make them feel as if they are not valued or trusted. 

This Is How To Manage a Remote Team

By following these tips for how to manage a remote team, you can lead your team in the best way possible. 

Start by establishing rules and expectations. You should also check in regularly, use the right technology, and communicate effectively. Make sure to be flexible, understanding, and avoid micromanaging.

Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to managing and leading a productive remote team.

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