7 Mistakes with Manicures and How to Avoid Them

Juliet D'cruz

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Are you trying to save up money by doing an at-home manicure? Well, you might think it’s easy to do a manicure for yourself, as the local nail salon always makes it look so easy! But it’s not so. In fact, if you are doing preparing for manicures at home, there are certain things you need to keep in mind.

Keep reading for 7 mistakes with manicures to avoid when doing it yourself. 

  1. Don’t Skip the Prep Work

There’s a reason why even express manicures and pedicures at a local nail salon take at least 30-45 minutes. It’s not because the salon artists are trying to fill up their time, but that they need all that time to give a great manicure.

When you are doing a manicure at home, you might be tempted to skip all the preliminary work. Don’t do that! The preparation for manicures includes many things and they are all equally important. 

  • Remove all remnants of old nail polish
  • Trim and buff your nails to get a smooth surface
  • Push back your cuticles
  • Exfoliate your hands
  • Moisturize your hands and nails

If you are careful to start with the steps listed above, you will get a great manicure every single time. Not interested in doing all this prep work? Consider purchasing premium press-on nails from https://lavaa.com/

  1. Don’t Forget to Roll That Nail Polish Bottle

Too many of us are making two mistakes when putting on a nail polish coat. Either we have nail polish that’s gunky and old, and cannot be used without ruining your nails. Or we have left the nail polish bottle sitting for too long and the oil gets separated from the color, resulting in a mish-mash when using it.

Always roll the upside-down nail polish bottle in between your hands, before starting on the manicure. This applies to your topcoat and base coat bottles as well. This will ensure that you don’t have any bubbles in the nail polish and it can smoothly be applied to your nails. 

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  1. Don’t Paint In One Stroke

Yes, you are impatient and want that manicure done yesterday! But the one-stroke method is only for experts who have been painting their nails for years or who work at a nail salon. For newbies like you, the best way to put on a nail polish coat is to use the 3-stroke method. 

Start with one upward stroke on the middle of your nail, followed by one on the left curve and then one on the right curve. Finish up with one horizontal stroke on the tip of your nail. Bada-bing! You have a perfectly painted nail. 

  1. Don’t Paint On Layers without Drying Time in between

Make sure you have something to do in between layers when painting your nails because you don’t want to get impatient and paint a second layer before your first is dry. This will result in an uneven manicure and all your efforts will go to naught. 

You can watch your favorite show on Netflix in 15-minute intervals while waiting for your layers to dry. Also, put on thin coats of paint on your nails so you don’t have to wait forever for it to dry.

  1. Don’t Use a Cotton Bud to Fix Mistakes

You’ve probably made this mistake previously and regretted it. Cotton buds stick to nail polish or end up removing more than you want. They aren’t precise enough for the job of correcting your manicure mistakes. 

Rather than a cotton bud, try using an angled eyeliner brush or an eyebrow brush – use your old brushes to your advantage here, by dipping them into nail polish. They can help you achieve a much cleaner manicure and at no cost at all. 

  1. Don’t Forget About a Top and Base Coat

There’s a very good reason why all expert manicurists will start with a solid base coat and end with a top coat when giving out manicures or pedicures. If you always have a manicure on your nails, they could eventually get stained by them. Put on a base coat to avoid this staining and also to prevent a ridge-free texture. 

And put on a top coat as the final layer to prevent your manicure from getting chipped and to lock in all that gorgeous color. You can either put in a matte finish or a shiny one, depending on your preference. Also, nowadays, you can get a two-in-one formula that has both the base and topcoat in one bottle. Very convenient indeed!

  1. Don’t Wash Your Hands with Hot Water After a Manicure

Hot water can soften up your nail polish and the force from running water can dent your manicure. That’s why try to avoid washing the dishes or washing your hands with hot water or taking that hot shower after your get a manicure or pedicure. 

Also, if possible, try to dip your nails into an ice bath instead. This will allow the nail color to solidify and dry faster. You could even do a full-body ice bath to get all its benefits.

Of course, you can’t avoid hot or cold water if you get stuck in a rain shower after the manicure or pedicure, so make sure you check the weather forecast properly. Also, avoid slipping your feet into close-toed shoes right after a pedicure. Instead, have flip-flops or some other open-toed, slip-on on the ready. 

Avoids Mistakes with Manicures by Being Diligent

If you are reading the 7 mistakes with manicures above and thinking you’ve made each one of them before, don’t fret. You are not an expert by any means and you are not looking to become one. But with these mistakes in mind, you will be able to give yourself that perfect manicure at home when you can’t get to a local nail salon. 

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