7 Smart and Useful Facebook Marketing Tools to Help Grow Your Business

Juliet D'cruz

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Facebook clearly dominates amongst all the other social media platforms with billions of monthly active users. Marketers rely heavily on the platform to market their products and services for the simple reason that the channel has a vast demographic of audience that they can cater to. 

To maintain its authenticity, Facebook keeps changing its algorithm and the only way marketers can outsmart this is by leveraging Facebook Marketing tools

Advertisers are always looking to overcome the barriers that are a part of every new algorithm update. More so, because they come to blows with getting more engagement, interactions, and most definitely, the returns made on their investment, which is why marketers lookout for Facebook marketing tools to better manage their Facebook marketing. 

So, if you too have been looking out for great tools to assist you better, we got it! Keep reading to find your best tool. 

  1. Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is a promising tool for curating and displaying user-generated content from Facebook to your brand’s website. This tool first collects UGC from your handle and pages and turns them into a unified feed. 

Post aggregating the content, the tool then moderates it to help you filter out the content as is relevant to your brand., after which you can customize the look and feel of your feed by adding different themes, layout, and backgrounds. 

To make your feed even more happening add custom posts, sponsored posts, highlight offers, announcements, etc. Now, this feed is going to attract the attention of the audience like a charm. 

When you are all set, embed it on your website with a quick and easy copy-paste code and get real-time updates on content that gets uploaded by your users.

Brands can get creative, engaging, and responsive by just creating their Facebook feed widget. 

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  • SocialPeta

Curating a smart marketing strategy that can pull out results is indeed a challenging task. But with Social Peta, it becomes easy, as it offers a vast database and robust search features consisting of 73 ad networks across 45 countries.

This tool helps the brands find an appropriate ad creative and facilitates them with copywriting ideas. It also lets you analyze the cost of the ad campaign depending upon the competitors’ experience. 

The multidimensional market insights make it even appropriate as a Facebook marketing tool. Be it ad creatives, the target of the ads, brand promotions, or collaboration with influencers in your niche, SocialPeta covers all the market research needed and helps create a strategy that works.  

  • Buffer

Scheduling posts on social media saves time and effort, and with everything moving towards automation, social media managers most definitely need to automate posting on social media. Though there are multiple social media scheduling applications available, Buffer is one such platform that offers a wide variety of services but primarily focuses on social media scheduling. 

By employing an easy drag and drop technology, brands can publish their content on multiple platforms. 

You can add your team members to the platform and still control your workflow in totality using Buffer.

  • ShortStack

Analyzing your campaigns is an important step to optimize them efficiently. ShortStack enables you to optimize your marketing campaign’s performance by providing you with access to valuable real-time insights on traffic sources, views, number of shares, etc. By utilizing this data properly, you can make relevant changes to your promotional stratagems. 

Create many entertaining quizzes, contests, giveaways on social media, and interactive landing pages within minutes by using the available templates. These things also help you in generating more engagement and interaction of the user with your brand. 

  • Facebook’s official ad library 

Facebook facilitates a wide range of tools for advertisers to get a better ROI. One of the tools is Facebook’s official ad library. 

It has a collection of ads that are currently running on Facebook, and with the help of the ad library helper, you can input a keyword. The tool will yield results from the official Facebook ads library in a manner that is easily understandable. 

The tool also helps advertisers with trending keywords that can better the ad copy or find a niche for their new products. Apart from this, brands can also draw inspiration from their competitors by star marking a particular page and adding it to the collection. 

  1.  Agorapulse

It provides all the tools that you would need to manage content on various social media platforms. Agorapulse narrows down all your social media, helping you to schedule, publish, reply to messages, and find out the influencers all in one place. 

It has a timeline contest manager that allows the brand to create and launch contests, quizzes, giveaways, sweepstakes, etc. Some other exceptional features that support marketing are analytics and thorough reporting. This enables you to monitor your performance with minimum effort. 

  • BigSpy

Who doesn’t want to be ahead of the competitors? But knowing what the competitors are doing and tracking them can be a difficult process. BigSpy can be of your help as it can track the progress of your competitors in three ways:

  • Tracked by the tool
  • Tracked by the other user
  • Tracked by you

It has a splendid inventory of more than 650 million ads and can help you research your competitor, irrespective of your publishing site. 

Over To You

Marketers aiming to maximize their reach have to work out a modish marketing strategy that can sometimes be tiring. With the help of the right Facebook marketing tools, hitting the bull’s eye gets handy and effective.

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