8 Ways To Create a More Peaceful Home

Juliet D'cruz

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Most people want their homes to feel like a haven from the outside world. If yours resembles a lively circus more than a tranquil retreat, you may want to make some changes. Sure, planning an outdoor living remodel Los Angeles for a quiet spot to rest is not a bad idea, but you can also start small to keep it stress-free and low-key.  These eight suggestions for a laid-back home environment are easy to do and do not require a major investment or time commitment to achieve.

1. Remove the Clutter

One of the reasons that interior designers are fond of minimalist design is that it creates spaces that are open and inviting, with plenty of light and few distractions. Clutter is a sign of a lived-in home, but it can be contained with better storage solutions and regular tidying.

2. Incorporate Natural Elements

Connecting to nature is another way to make your home feel serene. Why not include green plants or bouquets of fresh flowers around the house to breathe fresh life into any room? Consider using natural materials, such as seagrass rugs or rattan furniture, as another way to add texture and bring the outside in.

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3. Designate Spaces

Some families with young children let toys and crafts take over the whole house, especially in those homes with an open floor plan. Limit the chaos with clever kids room interior design that emphasizes better toy storage, or set aside space for a home office or reading nook.

4. Try Aromatherapy

Real estate agents know the power of scent when they light candles or bake cookies to make a house, well, homier. Take that principle and apply it to natural essential oils, scented candles, or other ways to add another peaceful element to your space.

5. Create a Sanctuary

Devote space somewhere in your house where you can unwind, journal, meditate, or sit in quiet. Perhaps your favorite spot is a soaking tub in a master bath or a chair on the back patio to enjoy nature; find what works for you and designate it for self-care.

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6. Improve the Lighting

One thing you can learn from kitchen remodeling Los Angeles or other renovation projects is the importance of lighting. Every space should include task, ambient, and accent lighting in addition to natural lighting, if possible, to make the room functional but also either energizing or relaxing.

7. Commit to Better Sleep

Have you been neglecting your bedroom? There is no better way to be calm than with a good night’s sleep. Install dimmer switches and black-out curtains, upgrade your pillows and mattress, and add a ceiling fan or white noise machine to shut out any distractions.

8. Live in the Living Room

Are your common spaces, including the kitchen and living room, picture-perfect? Unless you have a house on the market, you may want to relax your standards and allow yourself and your family to be comfortable in any space in the home. Messes can be cleaned up, so lighten up and let loose.

Hopefully, these suggestions make sense to you. See where in your home ramps you up and think of ways to adjust the mood to help you find your inner peace.  

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