A Buyer’s Guide on Leased Line

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A Buyer's Guide on Leased Line

Are you one of those who is on a constant hunt for information on high-speed internet? Here in this guide explained is all you need to know about internet leased line

What’s an internet leased line?

An internet leased line is a fixed, dedicated bandwidth data network. This network permits data-hungry organisations and enterprises to have a high-quality and reliable internet network with the guarantee of high download and upload speed, resilience, and uptime. A leased line refers to a connection, rented by the ISP (internet service provider) directly to an organisation, resulting in the availability of a service, which is over and above the standard broadband connection. Internet leased line have distinctive features. These include – 


Internet leased lines are uncontended connections, meaning they are not shared with other users. 


Internet leased lines are symmetrical. This infers they have similar download and upload speeds. 

Point-to-point network

You must be familiar with the regular internet network. When at home, you connect your phone, television or tablet and begin to browse, stream, or download the content, you may tend to come across internet issues. This is because, people in your neighbourhood are also doing the same, which result in a slow connection. Such issues are owing to the networks contended nature, where bandwidth is shared among all the users present in the locality. 

In contrast, leased line connection, as they attach two points i.e., ISP with business location, you can enjoy dedicated bandwidth access, which will not be used by anyone. This means, your internet network will not get negatively impacted by peak times.  

Asymmetric vs. symmetric 

Besides being uncontended, internet leased lines even are symmetric in nature. It means it has the same download and upload speed, unlike conventional asymmetrical connection, wherein the download speed is higher than the upload speed. 

Symmetrical networks are useful for contemporary businesses, who now are increasingly using cloud services that endow quick and reliable upload and download rates, VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telephony, etc. 

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How do they function?

An internet leased line makes use of technology like fibre optic broadband. Note that a fibre leased line sends light pulses down the fibre optic cable. Whenever you require sending data down the fibre optic cable, equipment at one end is on the lookout for light. Equipment of one end turns lights off and on to show 0s and 1s, and the equipment at the other point identifies this, records well and restores it as 0s and 1s, making the data traverse at light speed. 

Different internet leased lines – 

Typically, an internet leased line is of different types as mentioned-below – 

Full fibre (even called Ethernet Access Direct and Fibre Ethernet)

Full fibre is considered the daddy of internet network i.e., a connection, which is superfast and direct for business premises delivering a speed of around 1 Gbps. This is the fastest and most reliable, making them the costliest. 

Ethernet in the first mile (EFM also called Ethernet Broadband)

This is a connection that uses a conventional copper network for delivering the connection to an enterprise. It is ideal for companies who do not have any local fibre cabinet. It uses an aggregated copper to ensure flexible service – in the case one copper set fails, the other copper solution takes over. It means the speed is way lower than the fibre. However, the service is completely symmetrical and comes with resilience assurance and service level agreements. This option is a mid-priced solution.  

Ethernet over fibre to the cabinet (EoFTTC)

For organisations with access to local fibre-linked cabinets, EoFTTC is the same as EFM and cheaper. This service uses a mix of copper and fibre, which may make it witness a drop off in the speed owing to the distance of organisation from local cabinets. Many service providers provide this as a symmetric network, with the potential of enhancing the speed of download more than the speed of upload. 

What’s the speed of the internet leased line?

With the fibre leased line network, the obtainable speed can be very fast. As internet-leased lines by nature are uncontended, symmetrical networks, you can also define how much speed you need from an internet-leased line to match your business needs, as per your budget and capacity requirements. 

For instance, if you run any printing business, you might require uploading huge graphic design files to the cloud storage for review by the client. Any standard broadband network is generally asymmetrical, which means the speed of upload is not as fast as the download speed. Here, in this case, you will require waiting for a lot of hours while your work gets uploaded through the broadband network.  However, with a fibre-leased line network, you get the choice to select a dedicated upload speed to supercharge your transfer. As the speed does not fluctuate owing to other users, you get an unwavering guarantee that speed will always be there whenever you need it. 

Do you require an internet leased line?

Businesses are usually attracted to the internet leased lines solely because of its offered speed. Having superfast access to an internet connection makes complete sense for businesses of all types as this allows them to build a strong consumer base and an excellent reputation. However, speed is just one parameter that makes a dedicated internet leased network an important piece of infrastructure for numerous businesses. 

Using a symmetrical network makes VoIP calls for business telephony as well as communication highly reliable and swift. The service level agreement for leased line connection comes with pragmatic terms and conditions meaning any fault in the internet connection would be fixed within hours and not in days or even more. So, internet leased lines are best for businesses with heavy workload with stringent deadline. 

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