Advertising For Businesses: 5 Ways to Capture the Attention of Your Audience

Juliet D'cruz

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Small businesses face a lot of challenges in this post-covid recovery era.

Yet advertising for business is always an option. There are so many creative ways to display the best your brand can offer and attract new customers. 

If you’re considering spending money (or not) to promote your business, you’re in the right place. Continue to read to find out more. 

1) Pay Per Click (Search Ads)

Here’s one of the best advertising for a small business; Google Ads. The growth in this tool’s popularity over the past decade has been astonishing. In 2019, for instance, there were over 160 billion Google searches per month. 

Why should small businesses try it? Well, it’s worth it. Companies make an average of $2 for each $1 spent on Google ads. In addition, you’ll just pay for what customers click on.

While it may be competitive (when you consider other companies in the same industry), Google’s search engine is potent and relatively cheap. It enables you to test and target certain markets, running niche campaigns.

Therefore, consider it as a tool for low-cost marketing and a helpful strategy to attract potential consumers.

If you need successful results on your PPC strategy right away yet, don’t have the time required to look at analytics and come up with a plan, then outsource PPC. After all, it’s a suitable option.  

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2) Simple Strategy: Facebook Advertising For Small Business

Facebook launched ads more than a decade ago (in 2007). Seeing ads in social media feeds has already become the norm. Sure, many people will only glance at it, yet that still leads to familiarity and brand awareness. 

With tools like Facebook leads forms, small businesses can easily reach their target market. So, if you’re looking for brand awareness and business promotion, you should try it. 

Currently, there are eight ways to advertise on Facebook. If you’re interested, you must know that the average cost per acquisition (CPA) on this platform is quite reasonable. 

3) Video Content is Trendy

Videos should be considered as one of the advertising solutions for small businesses. In a month, usually, 80% of people (18 to 49 year-olds) watch YouTube.

YouTube allows small businesses to advertise on the platform, which can help build trust with consumers. 

Small businesses should try videos to advertise, gain higher engagement among customers, promote the brand and keep a close link with current clients (maybe even increasing loyalty). 

Also, having a YouTube channel and adding video marketing helps with SEO (search engine optimization).

Cost-wise, the price of video production has dropped significantly. Any business can set up an in-house studio to create top-level videos for less than a few thousand dollars. Considering it’s a long-term investment, it’s worth it. 

4) Email Marketing Works

Pay attention: email marketing is useful for any advertising plan for small businesses. It might be challenging to get people to open emails, but with eye-catchy subject lines, it’s not impossible.

If email marketing is widely used in your market, you must hop on this type of advertising. Sending an email to customers is still a suitable option for small businesses, particularly when part of a broader strategy. 

Think about it: you can create marketing campaigns to keep your services or products in consumers’ minds. If your business is not memorable (hence why the advertising for business, to avoid this situation), soon these customers will find another place to purchase what they need. 

5) Start Tweeting Now

Small business owners are big fans of Twitter as it allows them to do customer service without any complications.

Forget searching for the average advertising costs for small businesses, as this platform is free. As a bonus, it’s easy and quick to reply to people who contact you on this social media. 

Also, you can leverage Twitter to use relevant hashtags to your industry (and attract clients by doing so), create relationships with influencers, and have meaningful conversations with your followers. 

Advertising For Business is a ”Must”

Advertising for business is key. Living in a digital era means we have so many options when it comes to advertising. Some of them will be expensive, but there are alternatives with a reasonable price, and sometimes even free. 

The only way to stay competitive is by letting others know that your business exists and can provide something others cannot. Think of your USP and make it stand out in any advertising you’ll make. 

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