Are the Holidays a Good Time to Sell a Home?

Charlotte Miller

Are you a homeowner torn about selling your property during the holidays?

Overall, the holiday season is a two-edged sword when it comes to home selling. On the upside, it’s a slow season for real estate transactions, which means you have less competition.

But on the other hand, everyone might be busy shopping and preparing for the holidays.

In this case, homeowners and realtors might be on the fence about listing a property during this busy season.

In this post, we will help you decide if the holidays would be a good time for putting your property on the market.

Is it a good decision to sell a home during the holidays?

This may come as a surprise to some, but the holidays are a good time to sell a home. It may not be a peak season for real estate activity, but there are many advantages for you.

1. Less competition

Most homeowners and real estate agents will choose the delay their listings after the holidays. In this case, you can take advantage of the low competition, so you can attract serious buyers who are in the market during the holidays.

2. Emotionally appealing atmosphere

The Yuletide season often imbibes a warm and inviting atmosphere. Paired with holiday-inspired home staging, you can set the stage for your home to evoke positive emotions.

Through this, you can make an emotional connection with your potential buyers. This will make your potential buyers more inclined to make a purchasing decision.

3. Motivated buyers

Many buyers looking for a property during the holidays are often motivated to find a property they are willing to purchase.

Some may want a fresh start by the New Year or purchase a home before the end of the year as a gift to their family. This sense of urgency can make your holiday listing more appealing and more likely to get sold fast.

How home staging during the holidays can help

If you’re keen to list your property during the holidays, make sure you partner with a home staging company that will showcase your home with the right design and atmosphere.

Here’s why staging a home can make a difference:

1. Creating a festive atmosphere

Staging a home for sale during the holidays can help you take advantage of the Yuletide cheer.

From Christmas wreaths to garlands, Christmas trees, lights, and more, staging services can evoke the holiday atmosphere without being overwhelming.

2. Highlighting unique selling points

Staging a home to sell during the holidays can help emphasize its main selling points. It can highlight your kitchen even more or make each room look cozier. You can enjoy all these without having to buy staging home furniture for sale.

3. Emphasizing coziness

The holiday season is all about the sense of comfort and coziness. This includes setting up fireplaces, Christmas décor, throw pillows, warm lighting, and more.

All these will make your property more memorable, which will entice more potential buyers to make a purchasing decision.

Tips for staging your home to sell during the holidays

Staging homes during the holidays has its own set of challenges. So to make your setup more appealing to potential buyers, you can keep the following points in mind:

1. Highlight the dining area

When getting home staging furniture for sale, you should prioritize the dining area. Consider elegant table settings, soft lighting, and seasonal centerpieces. All these will create an inviting atmosphere for potential buyers.

If you don’t have the budget to buy furnishings, you can opt for rented furniture to stage a house.

2. Show off seasonal greenery

Staging your home to sell can be a strategic decision during the holidays, especially if you incorporate seasonal greenery.

You can specifically request this from your chosen home stager, so you don’t have to do any work. They can integrate seasonal greenery into entryways, staircases, mantels, and more.

3. Don’t overdo the decorations

As much as you want to make your listed home appealing during the holidays, you should avoid overdoing the decoration. Keep it simple and minimal, so it doesn’t overpower the main features of your house.

4. Don’t forget about the scents

Home staging is not just about the visuals; you can also add various scents to the mix. Consider using diffusers or scented candles to diffuse scents like cinnamon, pine, or vanilla to match the season.


Selling a home during the holidays may not be a popular move, but it can be beneficial if you’re trying to dodge tough competition. You can also partner with home staging professionals to make your house stand out even more.

While home staging costs a fee, it’s a great investment that will yield a considerable ROI after closing the listing. Just make sure that you partner with professional home stagers who can bring your vision to life.